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So, I recently started to study hellenistic Astrology and got me the Project Hindsight book. The material is kind of dense, and I feel like I need an introduction of sorts. I actually hand bound in leather three volumes of translations, which is pretty nice.

How do you feel about studying hellenistic AND medieval astrology at the same time, just so you can understand the differences as well as the common ground? Would it complicate my life unnecessarily?
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Book of Abramelin: Georg Dehn Interview

This is one of the most influential books and this an interview with man who compiled the most complete version of Abramelin in English.

What House System do you guys use and how would you argument your choice?

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Do you use fixed stars in your natal readings?

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When I Was A Child, I Was Afraid To Fly Too High
Reading The mysteries of 'lucid' dreaming reminded me of my dream experience as a child, and the times I was both aware I was dreaming and could control my actions in the dream.

The most pleasurable -- but anxiety producing -- lucid dreams involved flying. I was able to launch myself into the air, and did so in just about every lucid dream I had. However, there was a catch. I was afraid of flying too high, lest I realize I was dreaming and plummet to the ground. The irony is that I knew I was dreaming but never once fell from the sky. I was in a dream-world -- where creativity, not reason is prominent.

The solution to this anxiety was to fly only so high -- just high enough to be above the tops of trees and houses -- and above electrical wires. Good god. The electrical wires! If I hit them, I'd surely die. It didn't occur to me that birds perched on electric wires without being fried. Then again, as a kid, I never understood why birds had such immunity. But this I knew. I might be able to fly, but I was not a bird. That I would fry -- and die -- in the dream was a certainty. I was afraid of flying too high but also needed to avoid flying too low.

A Freudian would have a field day with those dreams. But I'm not impressed by Freudian analysis of dreams. I prefer the method of "dream appreciation" as taught by Richard M. Jones, PhD. Jones taught a class on the Psychology of Dreaming at Evergreen State College in Olympia WA. We not only studied the hard science of the brain but also participated in dream reflection seminars. We were guided in this by Jones' highly original contribution to the field, The Dream Poet [1], where he expressed the view that dreaming was foremost a creative state of mind. Dreams were not to be interpreted. Dreams were to be appreciated.

Evergreen offered interdisciplinary coursework, so it was entirely fitting that we read Chaucer, Shakespeare, Hawthorn and Melville and discussed these literary works in our seminars as we read from our dream journal. Reflecting on each other's dreams as a group was seen not only as a way to understand the psychology of dreaming, but also a valid response to our study of literature. You can get an understanding of this method by reading Jones' essay, Dream Reflection and Creative Writing. [2]  

I'm no longer afraid of flying too high. I just appreciate it when it happens.


Hello everyone!

I am very glad to have found this community. I share an interest in Esoteric knowledge, Astrology, Consciousness, Psychology and many others. Although I always felt I didn't fit in with the so called 'normal people', I prefer to think that I just need to find the right persons to interact with, in order for me to share and learn new and wondrous things about myself and the world.

Thank you for being.


Thank you for the invitation to join. :)

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Hi guys! I was wondering what kind of software you are using and whether or not are there any among you who prefer to go old school and draw the map by hand using an ephemeris, calculator, protractor, ruler and pen. I drew the template in Photoshop to keep things neat, but I mostly do it for fun and because it helps me learn. See the pics below.

I am currently using Starfisher, a free tool you can find on the web. It's perfect for a beginner like myself. :)

#beginner #oldschool #starfisher #ephemeris
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