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Why Google+ Collections are great

As most of you have probably realised by now, Google+ has added a feature called Collections, and I will explain why I think it's a great idea.

Back in 2007, I signed up for Twitter. After a while, I started using it pretty heavily. Most of my tweets were about the debate between religion and atheism, and all of them in English. I got some followers, and were added to a few public lists about the subject, which got me some more followers.

But then my interests expanded, and I wanted to start tweeting about other subjects as well - and it was then that I realised that I had a problem. My current followers were following me for my religion / atheism content. If I start posting about other things I could lose them. Later still, I wanted to start tweeting in Swedish, which would make the problem even worse.

So how do you solve this problem on Twitter? Well, you don't, because you can't. Unless you want to set up different Twitter accounts for different subjects, and I don't want to do that.

Google+ comes along and solves the problem, almost

When Google+ came out, it sort of solved this problem with its Circles concept. Here, you could categorise your followers by subject, and only post about certain subjects to certain followers (read: circles). This allowed me to set up a Swedish circle to which I added my Swedish friends, so that I could post to that circle in Swedish without annoying my non-Swedish friends.

But that doesn't completely solve the problem, for two reasons:

1) It makes it easier for me not to annoy my followers, but if other people don't put as much care into it as I do, they will still be annoying me with posts that I'm not interested in.

2) While it may work for me with a few hundred followers, it's certainly not going to work for people who have thousands. You can't possibly keep track of that many people, and what kind of posts they're interested in.

So, in short, the problem with circles is that the poster has to decide who gets to read what. What was needed was a complement to that, which allows the readers to decide what they want to read.

Introducing Collections

Collections does precisely that. Now, whenever I follow someone, I get to decide which of their topics (read: Collections) I want to follow. For example, while I may be interested in +Marques Brownlee's tech reviews, I'm totally uninterested in his Ultimate frisbee posts. And with Collections, I can simply choose not to follow his Ultimate frisbee collection.

That means that over time, as I choose to follow certain collections and not others, I will be able to customize more and more specifically what kind of posts I want to see. I think this is a great feature.

What do you think of Collections? Vote below!
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Hi and thanks for sharing your efforts getting DataTables working with Twitter Bootstrap!

Are both these files supposed to be used instead of DataTables own bootstrap integration or used together? 
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