Newt Gingrich's First Hangout!!!
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He's trying to figure out what to make of this darn thing....
Is Mickey Mouse his Campaign Manager?
I wonder if there will be any political debates using G+ Hangouts...
I was there with out camera, so I jumped off to let others with camera's attend. The bland no image in the middle was me (LOL)
+Daniel Ibanez I agree-- i'm as liberal as a gay manatee, but there used to be a life form called Rebublicans whose ideas where merely capitalist. I used to have some respect for them. Pssshh.
Newt too lazy to talk to people on normal trail
@Stephen Tyson Did he come through your town?
Ask him why min. Wage is so low
Ask him why it's okay to let companies outsource so they can save millions and not pay Americans to do the same job
Ask him if having the govt control the mail, the schools and other services makes everyone a socialist?!

Lol ty
@Daniel Rice no, just saying. He should be knocking on doors rather than experimenting on google +
hate to say it, but, i want in!
The hangout finished. I was only able to ask a two questions. Overall it was a constructive conversation about how to fix this economy and how to deal with the debt ceiling.
Also, Newt loved talking about how amazing Google+ is... kinda funny.. sounded like a geek!
The Hangout was recorded and will be on later in the week.
He will be doing more of these next week. This first Hangout was to test it out.
Funny, Newt does not fit the geek pattern. I bet you he doesn't even know how to email. That's why he has peons for to do everything for him.
This man looks ready for that late night call 
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