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Did science just discovered the Speed Force?    #tgif   #science   #rebirth  
We all know about the four fundamental forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong forces between atoms. But could there be a fifth force still waiting to be discovered? A new experiment performed in Hungary suggests this may very well be the case.
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Hola mis amigos
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The Pick Your Own Apple Toy Giveaway - One Lucky Winner Will Choose Any Apple Product They Want....Up to $700!
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Tell me, do you bleed
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Is this the end for Google+? #PlusApocalypse 
Google is splitting Google+ up. In a post on Google+ today, Bradley Horowitz, an existing Google VP of product, announced that he'd taken over responsibilities for the service, which will now be split into new services called Photos and Streams.
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I hear there are good things in store... Lets hope they are right...
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The day the #Aquaman jokes stopped! #UniteTheSeven 
Aquaman has officially landed. Director Zack Snyder tweeted the first photo of Jason Momoa as DC Comics superhero Aquaman on Thursday night. Momoa, ex-star of "Game of Thrones," will appear in Snyd...
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What happened to "Don't Be Evil," Google? 
Remember how Eric Schmidt spent years sitting on the Apple board, quietly learning everything about the iPhone -- and then, presto, Google suddenly came out with Android and it looked a whole lot like the iPhone operating system and Steve Jobs went nuts on Schmidt for being such a sneaky, backstabbing son of a bitch?
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What's good Google+?! It's been a while!!! #ImAlive  
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Alejandro Fernandez-Lovo

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Note to self: Get struck by lighting while getting bit by a cobra #genius
I want this to be real 
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Impressive, most impressive 
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This needs to become a series or something
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The Birdman parody that we deserve 
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It's now predestined 
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IP & Start-up Hustler

I provide social media services to business owners to help them enhance their online presence with social media 

Services consist of:
-Social Media Consulting
-Social Media Management
-Social Media Training

I look forward in starting a conversation with you!

About me:

I'm a  Comic Book/Movie Geek. I always keep my followers up to date on all movie productions, comic publications and anything Geek culture.

Follow me here by using #TheMoreYouNerd or on Twitter, @LoboTweet, for up to date info on all things Geek!

Disclaimer to all Google+ readers:
Everything I write is in no way related to any university, company, organization, nation, Jedis, species, time dimensions, or any group of people other than me. To put it bluntly, I am the one solely responsible for the opinions I voice (or write) on Google+.
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I slid down the pole of the actual Ghostbusters Fire House (Hook Ladder 8 NYC).
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5 months ago I would have given this establishment 4-5 stars. I used to love coming here with my fiancé & friends for celebrations. I recently had a successful networking event here and everyone who attended loved the atmosphere, food, and drinks. Last night was a total disaster and I will not be coming back nor will I ever recommend this pub again. Last nightI was celebrating my engagement with my fiancé amongst my friends and groomsmen. In return from this happy occasion was warm beer, watered down drinks, burning hot sub par food. For example, a member of the party complained about her warm flat beer. Management kindly served her another pint of WARM FLAT Samuel Adams! How does that make sense? If management was honest with us that there was an issue with CO2 and Nitrogen, I would have been fine. In addition, the food was a disaster! A member of my party whispered to another member that he wished he didn't order a burger. Oh, let's not forget about the pizza. It's very hard to screw up a margarita pizza but you guys managed to pull that off with flying colors. The only thing I could say was the service was at least decent until the checks came in. The checks were littered with mistakes! NOT ONLY I had to apologize to my fiancé about this disaster but I had to apologize to the party as a whole. This place used to be a hidden gem in the area. Every time i would stop by your establishment was packed. Last night I found it odd that your pub was relatively empty and I understand why! You will not hear the last from me. I not only want to be whole again, but I would like my party to be whole as well. Last night was suppose to be a happy occasion amongst friends celebrating an engagement. Instead in ended in disappointment. If you decide to ignore my review, please do one thing for me and lose the "gastro" from your sign. Your establishment under my eyes is a pub. Please message me as soon as possible. Thank you
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