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Helping everyone find their own spectacular math story!
Helping everyone find their own spectacular math story!

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Mini-Quizzes: Why I Will Rarely Ever Give A "Full Size" Quiz Again!
teachers, myself included, give quizzes about 2 times a unit.  Sometimes, I would give three if a unit was particularly
long.  And I HATED it!  They always felt like mini-tests because they
would cover three sections, took the majority of a class perio...

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It's Back to School Time ... Let Us Help You Get Ready
When back to school time I panic just a little bit trying to get all the supplies that I need (well maybe a few are wants like my Flair pens but...) and then adding in two elementary age children with supplies lists and it becomes an overload!  I am all abo...

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Best. Year. Ever. - TpT SITEWIDE Sale :)
I am super excited to let you know that TeachersPayTeachers is having their annual Back-To-School sale on August 1st and 2nd!   My entire store, included my already massively reduced 1st and 2nd semester curriculum bundles will be an additional 20% off.  Pa...

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Back-To-School Money Saving Tips for Teachers and Parents!
I've watched the shows about people who use coupons to the extreme and am in awe of their dedication and consistency.  I wish I could be that kind of money saver, but unfortunately, it just is never going to happen.  However, when it comes to back to school...

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Interactive Notebooks - The Perfect Combination of Lecture and Handout Notes!
Lecture notes = stand and deliver in many minds.  Guided (fill-in-the-blank) notes = spoon feeding in other minds.  Neither one is better or worse than the other.  Instead they are structured to meet your students at the place that they are at.  The reality...

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Activities to Encourage Collaboration #1: Surface Area and Volume of a Sand Castle!
In a time and society where students spend more time communication through text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 14 other social media platforms that I cannot even begin to name, I find an ever increasing need to get my students talking to each ot...

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Math Misconception: The Final Answer is The Only Part That Matters
For the longest time, I really thought that getting the right answer was the goal and really the only thing that mattered.  This misconception stuck with me all the way through elementary, middle and high school and was really not challenged until college. ...

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Celebrate Spring and Customer Appreciation
Spring is my favorite season.  It is time of renewal, regrowth and new adventures!  Unfortunately for me and many teachers I know, it is also the start of the stress of state/national test season. :(  In this time of high stress I want to help you all out a...

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Why I Believe You Should Decorate Your Secondary Classroom (and How To Do It!)
When I first started teaching 15 years ago, I was the only female in my department and the youngest teacher to boot! Needless to say I stuck out from the rest of my department (cue the song "one of these things is not like the other...). When I made the d...

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The Effect of Posting Word Walls and Vocabulary at the Secondary Level
I sat down and did a quick count of the "new" vocabulary that students encounter in Geometry.  If I discount the ones that students 'should' have heard before, I am still left with over 200 crucial terms, formulas and figures that students are expected to m...
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