First Google Glass hackathon in the Czech Republic [report]

We organized the GlassHackathon on Saturday June 22, 2013. In 5 hours about 20 developers created 5 pieces of glassware - a very first ones in the Czech Republic!

Two projects were exceptional:

Ingress for Glass(!!) from talented developer +Alex Studnička(author of Ingress iOS app). It allows you to see Ingress portals around you on Glass, see their pictures, navigate towards them and hack them. Code:

Fio bank for Glass from +Petr Dvořák and +Tomáš Vondráček(from company +inmite). It allows you to see your current bank balance and last transactions. It's a very first banking glassware in the world! Code:

Other projects were also interesting but weren't finished in time:

- ColorGlass - simple game for finding random color in your surroundings.
-  GlaSquare - first Foursquare client for Glass, it shows nearby venues and allows navigation towards them.
- To, písnička - glassware for reading lyrics while singing songs.

Most of the attendees were enthusiastic and demanded another hackathon (especially while drinking beer after event). We will see what we can do :)

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