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i wonder if google+ will pick up when it comes out of this invite only phase...

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Maybe you have to have played a lot of these old games to be entertained by it, but this was dope. Very dope. Dopest.

Ali got me up at some ungodly time this morning to try and convince Noah to go to school. Day two of school and he's already begging to stay home. Granted, it is his birthday, but I get the feeling it will be a long, long year.

So I pitched Wife Night to Ali as a way for me to be less selfish. Simply a night where we do what she wants. Shopping, reruns on Bravo, whatever. Score for me, for her first one she wants to see a movie:

"maybe captain america
or cowboys and aliens
dont know"

Wife night may turn into husband night, soon enough!

Hey, what? Google+ not blocked at work? I think I found my new social network of choice! (for now)

I need an instruction manual for google+ I guess. I'm not sure from poking around how its better than facebook. Other than different people, it looks like. People join google+ and not facebook because it is less lame or something? Explain...

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Of course!
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