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So today no bunny sightings, no monarchs, but the day started first thing this morning with me finding a penny picking it up it was "Heads Up" lol!!!
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No Thanks Nothing Because In Friends It's not a need.I Do As I Feel
Rabbit sighting today a brown one this morning guys!!!
o baby u so nice and cool...add me gmail; or skype; raju.ahmed135 or send me ur other webside id name
A rabbit stared me right in the eye yesterday it was amazing!!
Oh my lord same thing happened again same rabbit yesterday!!!
hope ur not seeing bunnies anymore wont reverse ur luck baby
Rajesh real liverabbits are crossing my path I simply can't make sense of these events lately!!
ok, now turn you way so that crossing you will not be in approach of them.
Very Very Nice Picture
good morning have a swt day
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