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All American Mutt who has not had his shots and likes to chase redheads.


How do you handle the Weapon Focus Proficiency?

This came up during a different discussion, but I was curious how you all handle the Weapon Focus Prof in your game?
I did not realize this until I was several sessions into my campaign an important concept in ACK.

ACK as a whole assumes that roll a natural 20 is not a critical success in combat!

This is reflected in the proficiency and much to my chagrin the damage mechanic and mortal wounds.

I have been having my monsters doing double damage on critical hits, Ooops!

The Weapon Focus proficiency has two effects
Primary: Allows PC to do critical damage with a chosen weapon when they roll a natural 20
Secondary: Used in conjunction with other proficiency to train troops.

My group has always counted a natural 20 has a critical hit and counted for double damage or Max Damage.

If I told them they had to use a proficiency slot and then could only get critical hits with a chosen weapon they would have mutinied and keelhauled me.

So I changed it so that it gives them a Critical Hit on a 19 or 20 with their chose weapon

How do you all treat it?

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A retelling of part of my campaign as told by one of my player's character. Oberron the Dwarf's player Louis wrote this.

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A Recounting of my player's campaign as told by my player Louis's dwarf character Oberron.
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One thing the Wilderness Exploration rules don't take into account regarding the Party Getting Lost is Familiars.

One of my players has a raven.

How much of a factor could it be in keeping the party on course?

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No Factor
Treat as having Navigation Prof (+4)
As Above Plus Stacks with PC Prof
Party can not get lost

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Rolling Up the River aka Everyone Hates Garrick
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Necromancy, Debauchery, Pyros everywhere
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Has anyone every created a supplement for NON-STEAMPUNK airships for S&W?

I am spit balling ideas for an aerial fantasy adventure.

Arcane Powered Flying Ships , Sky Pirates, Dragons, Floating Islands, Thunder Whales, Sky Rays, Cloud Sharks the whole bit.

The concept is very high fantasy.

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