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If you are looking for artwork for your home and office, check out the amazing work by

The online store will allow you to pick from various subjects and custom print and frame. Delivery right to your home. Large or small, you can get what you are looking for!

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When you talk about REAL art, no discussion is complete without discussing the passions of Edna Hibel. Not only does her portraits of mother and children strike an emotional chord with everyone, her meticulous process to bringing these creations to use is nothing short of amazing.

Available for sale now is an opportunity to own a single stone lithograph. These are so rare that they are considered a unique work of art. Only one of these stones would have been pressed to check here progress on the carving of her limestone.

Edna Hibel lithographs are created by carving enormous limestone. One for each color. Then inking them with a specific color. She would then press the paper to extract the ink then move to the next stone with a different color and engraving.

If you want to own this exclusive work of art, be quick to place a bid!

Hibel Artist Proof Second Stone Lithograph 1976, Serina and Children

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The whole world is mocking Donald Trump. The liar said he would release his tax returns and fools no one but himself for what is about to happen to him.
#lockhimup   #loser   #taxreturn   #americanhorrorstory   #sad   #tinyhands   #peepeegate   #laughable   #GOP   #cantgovern   #smokescreen   #conjob   #fakepresident  

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Donald Trump has a problem in Chicago.
Release your tax returns immediately.

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Donald Trump release your tax returns!

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We need to see who Donald Trump owes money to. We need to see if he is giving the amounts of charity money. Smoke screen and excuses are over. YOU WORK FOR US!

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2017 Tax Day Protest. Donald Trump needs to release his tax returns immediately. @potus @therealdonaldtrump

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Andy Warhol never made it a secret that he was influenced by Rivers art, but in perhaps a more revealing quote from the book “Popism” Warhol recognizes Rivers unique persona as an influential ingredient in the development of Pop Art. Warhol said, “Larry’s painting style was unique – it wasn’t Abstract Expressionism and it wasn’t Pop, it fell into the period in between. But his personality was very Pop.” (Larry Rivers Foundation Website)

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Chicago has one of the world's finest sound design studios in the world. Hit up
#movies #film  #sounddesign  #audio #sound design
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