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Stephen Kidde
education, teacher, social studies, mathematics
education, teacher, social studies, mathematics

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I like the inference drawn by the talk show host, but insiders on the hill are very conservative when they talk about the war on terror. Sen. Sanders is included. I understand that there are liability issues, but the liability doesn't go away by denial or ignoring its existence. The liability is created by the support for insurrection. The support is no longer explicitly expressed, but so far as we know it is implicit.

The recent slue of news stories about N. Korea and ISIS suggest that Insider Hill is still sloped for increasing advantage for the wealthiest by profit from war.

The arch-cons are anti-Islamic. That means that they are against peace as a socialist enterprise. The neo-libs are also anti-Islamic, but the current form is anti-Russian insofar as it is anti-executive government authority. It amounts to double-speak support for the status quo of the Congressional/ US Intelligence alliance.

This is where Senator Sanders and Senator Warren seem to hold an edge for the benefit of the general welfare. They challenge the excessive support for the wealthiest and the private banking interest. They are explicitly denounced as socialist by the arch-cons, but I suspect that they earn respect in the effort to turn the machinery against so much excess in advantage.

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Shannon Elizabeth


Risōsu o kanri suru

Life rules the living.
Love favors giving.

Order by design is my proportion.
This table doesn't suffer from mass distortion.

Boundaries enclose pleasure
as a measured treasure.

Healthy happiness is a good heritage.
It works in and outside of marriage.

Shannon Elizabeth

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Shannon Elizabeth: Instagram Manage Resources リソースを管理する Risōsu o kanri suru  ps16 Conserving resources preserves energy. The management works for me. The cultivation of production in time works best when managed with respect for design. The rule of law is f...

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When does the government deserve support? When does the private banking interest that controls the government deserve support? How dependent are the wealthiest upon the motive to profit from munitions bought by the government?

Don't multiply entities beyond necessity. What is necessary? Were the air strikes against Europe in WWII necessary? Were the air strikes against Japan necessary? Were the air strikes against North Korea necessary? What about the invasion of Afghanistan? What about the destruction of Libya? What about the air strikes against Syria?

Why is it that people who argue for minimal government support maximum overdrive in military spending? I think that they are multiplying entities beyond necessity.

Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate.

William of Ockham
Efficient Reasoning
"One important contribution that he made to modern science and modern intellectual culture was efficient reasoning with the principle of parsimony in explanation and theory building that came to be known as Occam's Razor. This maxim, as interpreted by Bertrand Russell,[20] states that if one can explain a phenomenon without assuming this or that hypothetical entity, there is no ground for assuming it, i.e. that one should always opt for an explanation in terms of the fewest possible causes, factors, or variables.

"He turned this into a concern for ontological parsimony; the principle says that one should not multiply entities beyond necessity – Entia non sunt multiplicanda sine necessitate – although this well-known formulation of the principle is not to be found in any of Ockham's extant writings.[21] He formulates it as: "For nothing ought to be posited without a reason given, unless it is self-evident (literally, known through itself) or known by experience or proved by the authority of Sacred Scripture."[22]

"For Ockham, the only truly necessary entity is God; everything else is contingent. He thus does not accept the principle of sufficient reason, rejects the distinction between essence and existence, and opposes the Thomistic doctrine of active and passive intellect. His scepticism to which his ontological parsimony request leads appears in his doctrine that human reason can prove neither the immortality of the soul nor the existence, unity, and infinity of God. These truths, he teaches, are known to us by revelation alone."

Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate.

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JS Bach - St. Matthew's Passion

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An Orthodox Christian church on Karpathos Island, Greece.
Photography by Eleni Mavrandoni.
#Hellas #Greece #Dodecanese #Karpathos #churches

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139th Rabbit Jesus? :D LOL

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Elle Fanning

"I Think We're Alone Now"

Shinjitsu o hakken suru

Discover truth
for your youth.

Discovery is a creative act.
When you define a thing it becomes a fact.

Reality produces creation by design.
Design expressed by me is mine.

When perception came out of anguish
conflict became a foreign language.
Courage became our sanctuary;
learning our actuary
over the adversary
Have mercy.

Creation by discovery divines design.
Goodness is the quality we seek to find.

Discovery was a creative act.
Creation became an actual fact.

Elle Fanning

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