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Whatever happens is perfect.
Whatever happens is perfect.

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I'm moving my G+ to so I hope you'll come find me there! (You're looking at

Is there some way to change the primary email address for my G+ account without starting over? 

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 I'm conducting a study of the usability of county election websites over the next couple of weeks with my colleagues Cyd Harrell and Whitney Quesenbery.

  We're looking for a whole bunch (like about 150) of regular people from all over the US who are eligible to vote to give us 30 minutes sometime between October 23 and November 4. 

  Participants will be answering a few questions and then trying to find information on a public website while 1 or 2 trained interviewers observe them in a screen sharing session over the web. 

  If you know people who are planning to vote in the US election on November 6 and who have questions about the election that can be answered on government websites, please forward this post to them or just give them this link:  The link leads to a questionnaire about their voting experience and availability for the study. 

Thank you, Interwebz! 

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I will be speaking at MIT(!) tonight (June 21) about how changes in design change the outcome of elections. Will you be there?

I'm looking for people who work in Boston area tech start-ups of all sorts who are regular readers of various media about start-ups, innovation, and business news and stories about all things related. Nerds, geeks, founders, engineers, developers -- we want to meet them all. For a usability study. 

Each session is 1 hour with each person (these are individual sessions, not a focus group). Each person will receive a $100 gift card for participating. The sessions are on June 20 and 21 in a lab near UMass - or from your desk! Session times are flexible. 

Know people at startups or incubators who might like to participate? Please let me know asap.

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Flash mob usability testing! Crazy but true, and wilder than your average testing in the wild. Blog post:

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Ok, people, this is much bigger than Facebook buying Instagram. Seriously!

Don't let the presidential election in November 2012 be decided by the courts! Five days left to help ensure that voters can vote as they intend. Please pass the word.

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Seems like some kind of justice.
Failure of CAPTCHA as an anti-bot system is the first sign of the singularity.

Blog post: The form that changed everything: #formdesign #ixd #a11y #evn12

I'm looking for people all over Canada to spend 1 hour online and on the phone with me sometime April 4-5 to review ideas for a web site for Team In Training Canada. Their reward will be an Amazon gift card worth $50 CAD.

I'm looking for people who
might have taken part in a Team In Training event before
might have done something similar, like an AIDs walk, or a run for breast cancer
have never done anything like a Team In Training event but would like to
are located in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, and Quebec City

Know someone who might be appropriate for the study? Put me in touch by email - a little introduction would be great. I'll make sure you get a little treat for helping us out, too. (email: dana AT usabilityworks DOT net)

Pass the word, please. Tell everyone you know!
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