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I would be  totally ready and willing to become Ricard Branson's Public Relations and or Press information associate right about now/ I am also going to get in touch and catch up with all of the daily offerings and do a review of what  I have missed lately in Virgin and in his other achievements achievements because I did hear of some opportunity  and a potential need. Richard you have many of my friends also as followers and you know that I will be available if you need me.  Thanks you. 

On my last day of being in AZ. one place reached out with help. at the last F- minute. Here s my response.
Tomorrow I start my homeless journey out of Lake Havasu and to Palm Springs Ca. - I will sleep on the streets and then Friday am will attempt to have them take care of my chest pains. MALS and bleeding. - I do want to thank you for your help. ther was no help there is nothing in LHC not a single resource . no Churches and I called them all i did weekly calls to Inter- agecy counsel. and I also reported that big secret scandal of - Preventing jobs unless you sing up for college with a FAFA and be a asu student - no job and wreck your credit in a student loan kickback scheme. I reported this to Elizabeth Warren . 

Tried salvation army st Vincent Paul. what this did is in-cure five thousand dollars of new debt on my father following the death of my mother and probably a couple hundred thousands in new medical bills and my death.  Because I could not get any help I accept the fact that this is a two party country. Republicans vs Democrats. too bad the death toll has now reached way up past how many people will be voting for the Republicans I came to town with a Business Plan to create sustainable jobs and I left here in a deep hatred for each and every Arizonian for the way i was treated I spent since September trying to get some help and no help came  I went months without food and camped in my fathers backyard. 

Instead of shipping the homeless down the river or forcing them to die in ER or Hospitals AZ had made ot so if you don't sign up for college your dead. 

 What i saw here since september is nothing but people killing their pain drinking alcholick beverages and I did some research -- I conformed and Verified it. You conservative people have a hobby - drink drink and Drink and talk shit about Liberals. no help every came and I  will not choose anything but prayer that one day AZ people will stop hurting the rest of the Country and wake up someday and start to fix there broken Government and stop hurting others. I will blog out every day how disgusted I am with the State of Arizona  it is only a great place if you are a Level Five alcoholic and I do not drink. as far as friendly or helpful people - no they are not allowed. I was nothing but cover up shifting the responsibility to other states hide the problem and bleed hatred. 

Someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas.... A cell phone with a monthly plan and if it can be smart phone. --- I have the most stupid plan the most lame phone and it gets shut off more than on so the world is all spinning backwards because Verizon cheats me and steals my prepaid already paid minutes on a daily plan and the minumum $15.00 is always gone missing even if I turn the phone off. They steal  and have stollen so much money from me that they owe me a Samsung s4 and I will agree to drop my ten million dollar case being filed along with and Audit of all prepaid and an Enforcement action and Not only have I suffered but every person in my staff past and Present is simply amazed at how much we have wanted to go to work secured the jobs and the Contracts only to have lay off everyone because thw Verizon has interfered with Prospective and National Business Advantage and Commerce where it concerns Veterans and Veteran Housing and Real Estate and Real Estate Inventory thousands of Jobs because as a Non Profit we should have had something better. It because they have me ripped off Blocked and unable to communicate except right here you are reading it- That I have to ask or pray someone helps me if you have an old smart phone and you can gift or donate it and if it is a Spring or or an ATT or something other than Verizon I am one sick man with a wish to survive and empty and pay payroll and Create Jobs and Rescue homeless and do all the things a normal person could do except too many yahoo's like Verizon are paid money to kill any7 progress we try to make on that Front this is a real War and In January in just two more weeks I am going top Get up out of Bed and try to get the last remaining things done that will ensure others will have the thins they need. Regardless of the way I have been on-goingly victimized by this evil Verizon company.  May Dada is here I am at his house - Squatting. Back yard. cold - He has watched this crime against a man with a dream .. He will testify and all my employees that have suffered are ready to testify . They have invented new ways to interrupt any and all progress in the Business plan that can help Change America. Starting right here with a terminally ill man and missing time on his phone which has held down hundreds and thousands form being able to go to work.  SHAME -- On  Verizon./... This is what I need to go get everyone a Paycheck for Christmas..  a Donated or Gifted smart phone with a Monthly service. -- after that Poverty goes away for thousands of people can you help us Today!   Thank you. or Merry Christmas!  my colon feels better since I got to vent about the Millions we loist because they are stealing my money and my phone is off and cannot be turned back on until someone helps me.  Email me if you are interested in helping and I have no credit card.  I am not going to sign a three year commercial Real Estate Lease as a Condition to be approved for a Contract that I am not going to live to see through. That was a Verizon condition for a Perfect credit LLC.  

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No I never win .... Will i did win $50.00 back on October first. --- That's all folks, seriously I doubt that there is any chance of winning and my life is thirty years shorter than normal based upon Homelessness it is still going on and I have realized that all those emails are just to get me to play and then after I do I feel like I wasted the whole day and for what. So I can feel worse and be closer to having another stroke. It is like the only thing I am good for is nothing according to how they see me. I see myself without food, hoping to win, needing shelter, needing surgery and i cancelled Medical Appointments over Lack of gas money to get to the hospital. very sad. Very Depressed and very un encouraged that I will ever make it to my Birthday next month.- It rhymes better if I don't. -- Besides that there is too much emphasis lately placing bounty on the heads of Homeless and I know a Homeless person cannot win anything because  they do not have a home. -- Some people then think they do not deserve a home. that is the Perception. I had learned this the day after I Posted something in the way of a Thank you to PCH Publishers Clearing House over them Bringing back that Three million dollar dream home contest and then the very night i did that Someone internal blogged that a Woman is going to win that - I am a man - I guess that cancels me out unless I have a sex change and since i cant afford to go to the Doctor or even call for help Knowing it is only a contest and a sweepstakes and they are all completely random and a Woman is going to win it before the numbers are ever drawn is my sanctuary that playing is totlly a waste of time because  earlier in the week their consumer affairs people at PCVH actually composed me a letter and suggestion that I go get help. They were upset that I am not convinced that they are all very random drawings. Ohh Really - I guess the Random Machine they use knows how to weed out men before the drawing based upon the name. So - Listen up --- I have decided to change my name - Sniggelfritz Wellinton the third, that way, as a homeless guy who will put down Mrs. Sniggelfritz Wellington lll, I may have a better chance at winning something. Because the effort seems to pick out people with really nice homes and let them win it. A  woman who can add a woman's touch. So this was my thanks for trying to rally up some viewers for the PCXH people. Response. an article Blogging that it will be a woman. Nice thanks to all my friends here on Planet watch dog for your help in keeping me from jumping off the ledge or cutting off my male parts.  Good Luck. Mrs. Sniggelfritz Wellington lll. Beverly Hills California. 
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