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No, it's not the A-hole that killed 9 people in the historic black church in Charleston SC! 
It's a self-portrait of a German artist, Otto Dix, who's paintings were burned by the Nazis.   
Was reading up on Bernie Mac & Steve Martin to escape this tragedy. This popped up when looking at artists Steve Martin collected. Guess the Universe wants me to pay attention!
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Well, at least, the Charleston shootings have caused some positive changes. I'm part German & proud of the good things that have come from Germany. But I wouldn't wave a Nazi flag to show my pride. Maybe I can't understand "Southern Pride", because all my ancestors were still in Europe at the time. But good self-esteem comes from acknowledging the good & the bad in your history & not honoring the bad things that were done. I have relatives who died for the Nazis; I don't need to honor Nazis in order to mourn their deaths. 
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Pam Burrows

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I knew it was just me! I thought Charlie Hebdo reminded me of the cartoons I saw in the 1970s underground college magazines.   
A brief history of American satire since the 1950s
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The nearest Native Americans to me is a casino in Connecticut. I don't think playing craps will help. LOL  I've met Native Americans in Utah & Arizona, but they were very taciturn. 
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Pam Burrows

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I don't like being manipulated into what I should believe!!!
When I 1st heard about "an attack on Freedom of Speech" on US TV news, which didn't show any of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, I was incensed. Then I saw the cartoons & found them not funny & insulting. I thought "It's sad these cartoonists died! But are these snarky, mean-spirited cartoons really important to Freedom of Speech? Or are they the humor that bullies use to make fun of people they don't like?" I was now ANGRY at the US media, too, for misleading & manipulating me!!! 
Last time this happened was in the 1970s, when the US media portrayed the Shah of Iran as a benevolent leader. It was only when I went outside the US for the 1st time to visit relatives in Germany, that I learned that the Shah was torturing his people. Everyone in Europe knew that. No one in America did; except probably our leaders. So when the US embassy was overrun in Iran, the American people were shocked; I was not. Even then US media still did not talk a lot about what the US government had done to Iran. You had to really look for it. 
So I get angry when I catch the US media in a lie (even on of omission). Do they not want to 
offend American Muslims & others w/ these vulgar cartoons? Or do they have another agenda? Maybe they know that if we see the cartoons, we won't be as riled up about Freedom of Speech being violated.
The issue of whether to display the new cover of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which depicts a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad, has split media outlets in the U.
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Pam Burrows

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We talk about Freedom of Speech, but don't practice it! Are we going to give up all our rights except GUNS?
None of the TV news shows I've watched have shown the "cartoon from the front cover of Charlie Hebdo". I googled US newspaper sites & only USA Today shows a picture (small thumbnail); even New York Times won't show the cartoon (has a link to a French newspaper).
USA is the inventor of "Freedom of Speech" yet we are scared of it!!! 
North America distribution plans for the satirical French publication are still unclear.
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Yeah +Bernd Paysan & they like to be fearful. No government helping out the sick & needy either. They want to get rid of that. So everyone is all alone & scared. But NO taxes! The US is really a very different country than it used to be before the 1980s. But then it was pretty harsh before the 1900s (killing Indians & slavery). Maybe it's just a return to that. I don't know, all my ancestors were in Europe in the 1800s.
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Pam Burrows

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Very profound! It suggests the terrorist are not attacking our freedom of speech, but trying to make the the ethnic French hate & fear Muslims & the Muslim-French feel disenfranchised & scared by this hatred toward them. In other words ... plain & simple terrorism! Terrorism that controls people's minds & how they think about others. Terrorism that creates havoc in a belief system (like democracy) that they wish to supplant
with their own belief system (like fascism or racism).
We've bought the idea that Islamic terrorists are genuinely outraged by satirical cartoons. But maybe we're playing into their hands
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Good point +Gary Myers. The TV news only talked about the killings; they did not show the cartoons, because they would be offensive to their audiences. So I didn't see them until I sought them out. I find only 2-3 of them truly funny; the rest is to be provocative. I've studied comedy. Everyone knows that simply saying a dirty word will get a laugh, but it doesn't mean it's funny. However, George Carlin's "7 words you can't say on TV" IS funny, because he analyzed the words in a humorous way, that made us also think. That is what comedy is supposed to do ... laugh & then think. Not simply shock!
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Pam Burrows

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How is demonstrating in the streets going to change the election. If you are an american citizen that voted for Hillary Clinton, check out this petition.
On December 19, the Electors of the Electoral College will cast their ballots. If they all vote the way their states voted, Donald Trump will win. However, they can vote for Hillary Clinton if they choose. Even in states where that is not allowed, their vote would still be counted, they would simply...
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I'm fine :)
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Pam Burrows

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Is that the elusive Squirrelasaurus ... feared by nuts everywhere?

Pam Burrows

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Interesting! It seems that Muslims have drawn Muhammad in the past. Used these images as a device to bring them to Allah.
Reminds me of how the Buddhists have statues of Buddha to inspire meditation, but also have the koan "If you meet the Buddha, kill him." to indicate that one should worship the Buddha for that is an illusion.
Ban on depictions has not always been absolute – Islam has a rich heritage of images and icons dating back to the 13th century
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Pam Burrows

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Freedom of Speech or not offending the reader?Which is more important? NPR explains why many USA magazines are not displaying the cartoons. Do you agree?
News organizations, including NPR, support the satirical magazine's right to be offensive. But mainstream news outlets also avoid publishing such material.
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+Yoko T I've loved this song since it 1st came out in 1972 (have a lot of Kristofferson albums). It seems to fit our discussion of Religion & Prejudice in relationship to #JeSuisCharlie  & #JeSuieAhmed.
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Yoko T
Can't have sound right now, will check later. Thanks +Pam Burrows 
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The crazy green eyeball
What's faster than the speed of light?
Imagination. I can reach the end of the universe in mere seconds via my mind. There's a sign there "No more gas stations".
I would like to encourage young girls to get into science & math, like I did. It's so fun & fulfilling. So I'd like to try to write/illustrate an adventure story, where some kids help the universe to understand itself.
  The problem? I hate writing! (Plus my vision is very poor at the moment!)
  I've always been told how good I am at it & that I should be a writer, but ignored it. My father was told he should be a writer; tried & failed (he was too floral, used big words & didn't sound at all like himself).
  So I got a career in designing & developing software. Loved it, even writing user documents. But my bosses forced me to be so detailed (that's the reason the books in the computer section of the bookstore are 2-3" thick). Now my writing is too long & rambling.
  But I have that story in me. And being disabled, it doesn't matter if I fail. So whether it is officially published is not as important as
- keeping myself occupied,
- my writing goes back to it's short, to-the-point style &
- that this story gets shared.
Unfortunately, my vision's gotten very bad & I am doing very little reading or writing. 
If you Circle me, you better have a profile & some interesting posts (mostly images). Or I won't circle you back. I'm here for friendship, not for getting the most followers.
For Circle Sharers: Don't put me in one without my permission
The Crazy Green Eyeball underwent construction on April 3, 2012; a corneal transplant. It was successful, but needs 2 years to heal.
Ever wonder why I am "the crazy green eyeball"?
When I joined G+, I felt I had become just my eyeballs, a la Kafka's "Metamorphosis" (wakes up as a bug). That's because I had spent so many years, being legally blind, having terrible eye pain & visiting eye doctors & being in terrible pain. Plus I was facing a corneal transplant & terrorfied.
  I have Keratoconus (corneal dystrophy). It causes astigmatism, glare & multiple ghost images (even with just 1 eye open). For short, doctors call it KC (as in KC & the Sunshine Band). Ain't that cute? {^_~}

"I have Special Eyes!!!" 
What I see with "KC & the Sunshine Band":
Bragging rights
I was doing things on my bucket list, before "bucket lists" ever existed. [;^)] . . . . . . . . And before Friends w/ Benefits, I had "non-platonic friends" [;o]
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  • Rhode Island College
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    German exchange prgm for professionals, 1982
  • Rhode Island School of Design
    Continuing Ed in Art, 2004 - 2005
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disabled. was a software designer/developer. Wish I could become a writer/artist, but then doesn't everybody {^_~}
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This Stop & Shop has the best selection of ethnic foods in the North RI area. Jewish, Latin, Italian, Asian? It's got it, while the nearest Stop & Shops don't. That's because it's near all the Colleges. I go there when I want fresh corn tortillas or Thai peanut or curry sauces. In Smithfield, I can only get flour tortillas & soy sauce.
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