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Pam Burrows

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Well, it's official! GoT ending on April 25th. Sad!
I thought with announcement of some games ending on April 20th, that GoT was safe. Ah, well! I'm not going to start any new PD or Disney games ever again, when they won't let me play them to finish.
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Yeah, +Jeavonna Christine Sutherland that's what I'm going to do now. No more games; although they were good escape when I was going thru problems with my sister. But she's now in public housing again & it's time to get my life back on track. For example, they changed the generic brand of Effexor I was taking & I got so depressed (just wanted to die) & terrible anxiety & headaches (like when I forget to take a pill. A couple of weeks ago, I was put back on the brand name & all those things disappeared. The generic had no time release; I got it all at once & spent the rest of the day going thru withdrawal. Now I got to find if that intense depression & anxiety is mine or created by the bad generic. I'm so tired of bad generic prescriptions. I had a wonderful pain-killer I took that I had to stop, because the generic didn't have any stomach buffers & I couldn't tolerate the intense stomach pains.
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Ah, the good old days of the 1970s. I had one that did hexadecimal (base 16) calculations. 
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Pam Burrows

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I hate when I buy something "Sugarless", like flavorings, so I can sweeten it myself, only to find it's got corn-syrup or Equal. I wish there was "Unsweetened"!
Why We Might Have a Weight Problem

This series of sugarless desserts is oddly full of sugar.

Semisweet chocolate has sugar in it.
Maple syrup has sugar in it.
Honey has sugar in it.

Just because something isn't called sugar doesn't mean it doesn't have simple carbohydrates. 

Be honest.  No sugar added maybe but even that is dishonest.  And since not a damn one of these has nutrition information there's no way to know how many sugars there really are in any of these so-called sugarless desserts.

#oprahwinfrey   #oprahfail  
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Pam Burrows originally shared:
<sigh> Yosemite is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I went camping several times as a child in the 1960s. It gave me such a respect & love for nature beyond man.
So I am torn by it being shut down by all the fools in DC.
On the one hand, the park rangers gave lectures & I learned so much. And if anyone doesn't love nature, Yosemite is the one place to turn them around. It takes your breath away.
But on the other hand, maybe Yosemite should be closed to humans. We will only destroy it.
I visited the park once again in the 1980s & saw all the things that had been destroyed in the 20 years I had not been.
The was a twisted gnarled Jeffery Pine tree on top of Sentinel Dome, that I had just loved as a kid. The rangers said it was hundreds of years old. That is was twisted because it was the lone tree on top of that windy Dome of rock & it had eked out it's survival by gathering nutrients from cracks in that hard granite. It was a wonder. My Mom made us stay away from it's roots & told my Dad that he would NOT take a photo of us sitting on the tree's twisted trunk. If everyone did that, she said, it'd be dead in now time.
Jump to 20 years later & here was the tree I love, with people sitting on the trunk for photos. But it no longer made a difference. The tree was dead & dried. The bark striped & knife carvings all over the exposed trunk & branches.
It has since crumbled. Anyone going there now, will never know that magnificent tree was ever there. Googling will not easily let you learn about this tree. But it is in my memory & it needs to be in yours! 
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Pam Burrows

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Am I the only one that sees the irony?
#Zimmerman got a gun to protect himself from UNKNOWN boogiemen that he feared. Now, his gun has created REAL boogiemen to fulfill his fears. Karma is a bitch!!!  

NOTE: I tolerate no cursing or trolling (insulting others)! If ur msg is gone, that is why. 
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No worries +Cheryl Thaxton. It took about 10 years before my family recovered from my Dad's bizarre death, so I did not expect to have it forced upon me 40 yrs later.
For u to miss ur mom 2 yrs out is totally expected. Old cultural traditions had people wearing totally black for a year & then phase into grays, dark blues & other somber colors after that. It notified others of their grief (i.e. to tread lightly around the person) & gave the person a space for their mourning. I think many people are so afraid of their own death, that they don't want to think of death at all.
My mom's 88 & healthy. But when she goes, I expect I will be in a funk for 2-5 years & even afterward, she'll be with me (hopefully in a positive way).  Fortunately we r aware of that & spend wonderful times together that we already cherish (my sister does not, just like she didn't with my Dad; so she will have regrets again. She never learns!).
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Pam Burrows

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ENDING April 20 on Playdom!
If you play, sign the petition!
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+Monk Shrewd I'm here whenever you need to talk. If you want voice, let me know in private msg & I'll give u my phone # if u still don't have it.
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Pam Burrows

Writing Tips  - 
Maybe this has been posted before, but I found this cool site for exercising your writing muscles. It looks like fun. I did the MadLib Poem with words all beginning with C & it came out interesting. Since I can't write poetry & would like to, I found this exciting & fun.
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Pam Burrows

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It looks like a steampunk jukebox.

What an orderliness... Unbelievable! ;)
What's inside stuff? ➜
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Beautiful work by the technician this is how it should look!
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Pam Burrows

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Hi, I'm a retired computer programmer. I used to create software for mainframes in Assembler (loved), Cobol (so over it) & gosh so many other languages. I worked for the US military with mini-computers & networks in the early '80s before the PC; it was amazing what we did back then (so cool!). 
I had to stop working, because they renovated the building I was working in & the carpet glue they used never dried & after several years of unknowingly inhaling the fumes, I don't even understand my own code, let alone learn new stuff like Java or C++. My thinking has cleared up a bit to understand basic HTML. So it goes! Hi Ho! (Vonnegut)
But I liked the "Programmers of the world, Unite!" slogan, so I had to join. 
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Welcome, Ms. Burrows :-)
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Pam Burrows

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Breaking News
We have a new Pope & he's Protestant!!! He will begin serving on April 1st! {^_~}
#newpope #pope  
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powerfull photo/cool
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disabled. was a software designer/developer. Wish I could become a writer/artist, but then doesn't everybody {^_~}
  • disabled/unable to work
    1994 - present
  • MIB
    systems software designer & developer, 1985 - 1994
  • UCC GmbH
    Software Engineer, 1983 - 1984
  • Computer Sciences Corporation Deutschland Gmbh
    Computer Progammer, MicroComputers & Networks, 1982 - 1983
  • Allendale Insurance
    Computer Programmer, Mainframe, 1979 - 1982
  • Blue Cross of RI
    Computer Programer Trainee, 1978 - 1979
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Providence, Rhode Island USA
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The crazy green eyeball
What's faster than the speed of light?
Imagination. I can reach the end of the universe in mere seconds via my mind. There's a sign there "No more gas stations".
  I want to encourage young girls to get into science & math, like I did. It's so fun & fulfilling. So I'm trying to write/illustrate an adventure story, where some kids help the universe to understand itself.
  The problem? I hate writing!
  I've always been told how good I am at it & that I should be a writer, but ignored it. My father was told he should be a writer; tried & failed (he was too floral, used big words & didn't sound at all like himself).
  So I got a career in designing & developing software. Loved it, even writing user documents. But my bosses forced me to be so detailed (that's the reason the books in the computer section of the bookstore are 2-3" thick). Now my writing is too long & rambling.
  But I have that story in me. And being disabled, it doesn't matter if I fail. So whether it is officially published is not as important as
- keeping myself occupied,
- my writing goes back to it's short, to-the-point style &
- that this story gets shared.
Unfortunately, my vision changed & I am doing no reading or writing. 
For Gamers: CoW & MW only 
For Circle Sharers: Don't put me in one without my permission
The Crazy Green Eyeball underwent construction on April 3, 2012; a corneal transplant. It was successful, but needs a year to heal.
Ever wonder why I am "the crazy green eyeball"?
When I joined G+, I felt I had become just my eyeballs, a la Kafka's "Metamorphosis" (wakes up as a bug). That's because I had spent so many years, being legally blind, having terrible eye pain & visiting eye doctors & being in terrible pain. Plus I was facing a corneal transplant & terrorfied.
  I have Keratoconus (corneal dystrophy). It causes astigmatism, glare & multiple ghost images (even with just 1 eye open). For short, doctors call it KC (as in KC & the Sunshine Band). Ain't that cute? {^_~}

"I have Special Eyes!!!" 
What I see with "KC & the Sunshine Band":
Bragging rights
I was doing things on my bucket list, before "bucket lists" ever existed. [;^)] . . . . . . . . And before Friends w/ Benefits, I had "non-platonic friends" [;o]
  • Zela Davis Elementary School, Hawthorne, California
    any old friends from these good times?, 1963 - 1965
  • Carson High School, Carson, California
    wish I could have stayed, 1970 - 1971
  • Cranston HS East
    newbie, very lonely, 1971 - 1973
  • Rhode Island College
    Psyhchology, Economics & Business Mgmt, 1973 - 1978
  • Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft
    German exchange prgm for professionals, 1982
  • Rhode Island School of Design
    Continuing Ed in Art, 2004 - 2005
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"Hey, you", Die Pamela, Frau Burroffs, PAM-EEE-LA! (by mom, when I was in trouble), Wild Goose (as a baby), Little Miss "How come?" (as toddler)