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Now that Sally Yates needs a job, I think I know the perfect one. {^‿~}

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I found Probiotics really helped with my IBS-D. But the bacteria just doesn't stay. This article was very enlightening about why. Wish more variety of Probiotics were available to buy.

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How is demonstrating in the streets going to change the election. If you are an american citizen that voted for Hillary Clinton, check out this petition.

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No, it's not the A-hole that killed 9 people in the historic black church in Charleston SC! 
It's a self-portrait of a German artist, Otto Dix, who's paintings were burned by the Nazis.   
Was reading up on Bernie Mac & Steve Martin to escape this tragedy. This popped up when looking at artists Steve Martin collected. Guess the Universe wants me to pay attention!

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I knew it was just me! I thought Charlie Hebdo reminded me of the cartoons I saw in the 1970s underground college magazines.   

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Interesting! It seems that Muslims have drawn Muhammad in the past. Used these images as a device to bring them to Allah.
Reminds me of how the Buddhists have statues of Buddha to inspire meditation, but also have the koan "If you meet the Buddha, kill him." to indicate that one should worship the Buddha for that is an illusion.

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I don't like being manipulated into what I should believe!!!
When I 1st heard about "an attack on Freedom of Speech" on US TV news, which didn't show any of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, I was incensed. Then I saw the cartoons & found them not funny & insulting. I thought "It's sad these cartoonists died! But are these snarky, mean-spirited cartoons really important to Freedom of Speech? Or are they the humor that bullies use to make fun of people they don't like?" I was now ANGRY at the US media, too, for misleading & manipulating me!!! 
Last time this happened was in the 1970s, when the US media portrayed the Shah of Iran as a benevolent leader. It was only when I went outside the US for the 1st time to visit relatives in Germany, that I learned that the Shah was torturing his people. Everyone in Europe knew that. No one in America did; except probably our leaders. So when the US embassy was overrun in Iran, the American people were shocked; I was not. Even then US media still did not talk a lot about what the US government had done to Iran. You had to really look for it. 
So I get angry when I catch the US media in a lie (even on of omission). Do they not want to 
offend American Muslims & others w/ these vulgar cartoons? Or do they have another agenda? Maybe they know that if we see the cartoons, we won't be as riled up about Freedom of Speech being violated.
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