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Extracorporeal shockwave therapy education area
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy education area

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Next course in Nottingham on the 8th of September already full.

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Now the most popular video on youtube for rESWT nearly 250,000 views

In Nottingham for the latest course with Phoenix Healthcare

But maybe I am just mad! My mum never had me tested ;-)

These pads might just be the key to addressing focused machines problems with superficial problems.

When I first said the waves could be given through a gel pack I was told I had gone mad. Now we see this on several machines.

Whilst the radial articles seem to forget the effect dissipates over distance (this is even true of focused waves they can just start deeper in)

I read the focused articles with interest as none of them seem to include the minimum focusing distance

Superficial problems tend to favour radial machines. Deeper problems tend to favour focused machines

I believe that many of the studies not showing significant effects are using the wrong type of shockwave!
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