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HAPPA Horses and Ponies Protection Association
HAPPA-Leading the field in Equine Welfare & Second Chance Sponsorship. At HAPPA Rescue is just the beginning...a Forever Home for every Equine is our goal.
HAPPA-Leading the field in Equine Welfare & Second Chance Sponsorship. At HAPPA Rescue is just the beginning...a Forever Home for every Equine is our goal.

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HAPPA AUTUMN is our marvellous pony of the week

Autumn was rescued and taken into our care in 2011 within her time at the centre Autumn has blossomed into a lovely riding pony. The team of dedicated equine rehabilitation staff have given Autumn a lot of time and patience to ensure she gets a chance of finding that forever home. She is an unregistered Dartmoor pony standing at 12hh. Autumn would best suit an experienced rider with a patient manner. Autumn has competed at local shows in hand and under saddle. We really do need to find a home for this girl and we would like your help. 

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Top Tips for keeping your horse pony or donkey happy and content during bonfire night. 

An estimated 60% of all animals will become distressed by the loud noises and flashing lights of fireworks. Post firework debris can also be a problem. Here are 5 points we recommend thinking about over bonfire night. 

1. Find out if there is likely to be a fireworks display near to where you keep your equine and when it’s likely to take place. If you can contact the organisers let them know there are equines nearby, they could help by aiming fireworks away from your equines location and operate during set times. 

2. Try to maintain your normal routine and Keep your equine in a familiar environment. 
If possible make sure you or someone you trust can be with the equine whilst fireworks are being set off. (a radio can help to mask the sounds of fireworks) Try to remain calm as your equine could react to your mood. 

3 Check the environment to make sure your equine is not likely to hurt itself, before and after bonfire night. 

5. If you know your animal is likely to become stressed or react badly to loud noises and lights consult your vet. 

6. DO NOT go out riding whilst fireworks are being set off.

7. Make sure your insurance is up to date in case of accidents

If you have any other top tips for bonfire night we would love read them in the comments below

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HAPPA BILLY is this weeks #PonyOfTheWeek!

Born 2011, Bay, Dartmoor X gelding 13.2hh
Billy was rescued in 2011 by HAPPA and has now matured into a handsome Chappy. He has recently started groundwork to become a ride able equine and we hope to find him a forever home when his training is complete. When ready we will be looking for an experienced home with previous practical experience of bringing on youngsters, Billy has a great personality and will be a perfect addition to any horsey home.

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HAPPA Choco and HAPPA Reece had a visit from one of our Loan Scheme Officers last week and we glad to report that the pair are doing very well. 

Choco and Reece were signed over to the care of HAPPA in 2005 and 2003 respectively, although a little apart in joining the equines at HAPPA, once they meet they formed a bond for life. 
The new Second Chance Sponsor Scheme has given both Choco and Reece the chance of a new Forever Home together.
Thanks to an amazing borrower they now live with two ponies and enjoy helping their borrowers by picking blackberries and going for nice walks. 

They have some snazzy new rugs to keep them snug for winter and don’t mind showing off with them to the camera. 

They love their new home and are sure to have lots of fun in the coming years.

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The Mr Smiley Story

Hello I’m Mr Smiley the Happy HAPPA Horse
Every pony that HAPPA rescues has their own story to tell. Sometimes animals brought to the Centre have been abandoned by their owners, neglected or have been cruelly treated and then thankfully have been fully rehabilitated by the charity and successfully offered a Second Chance of future happiness in a Forever Home. 

At the moment I have no past and no story to tell.
No one knows why I’m in HAPPA’s care. 

Everyone needs to have a past. 

We invite Mr Smiley followers to invent the most interesting story of his life before HAPPA and his rescue by the charity.

The person who creates the best story will receive their very own Mr Smiley and a fabulous Second Chance Sponsorship package worth £48! Details of this prize can be found at
Please send entries to Closing date 30th November 2014 
The winning story will be recorded on Mr Smileys own Facebook page which will show Mr Smiley enjoying his time with HAPPA

You could also buy a Mr Smiley from the HAPPA website 

Thank you to all the people who have already submitted their stories.

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The HAPPA Visitor’s Centre has a brand new coffee making machine; we use it to make some of the best coffee available. 

Why not pop over to visit the Centre and treat yourself to a nice coffee and cake. 

You might also be interested in our Christmas Sale at the Centre until the 4th of November. Why not grab a bargain with quality cards and wrapping paper starting at 50p!

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