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I'm a recent Mac convert as well as a recent computer genealogist. I tried FTM for the Mac when I converted from pc as I had been using FTM on it. However, I soon became discouraged with it due to their initial problems with syncing to Ancestry. Also I felt I didn't have total control, or was too uninformed to assume control, and ended up with incomplete source citations, missing multimedia, etc on my FTM for Mac database. I knew a couple of people who had Macs and who used Reunion software. I spent some time looking at the control they had on their Reunion databases, and the flexibility of the program. Also one of them referred me to the developer's website and also another website with tutorials. I was much impressed though I knew it would take time to get up to speed. What really sold me in the end was the fantastic Reunion users themselves who respond to your questions on the Reunion Talk Forum, including the developers themselves at times. If you are considering a Mac and/or Mac genealogy software, I recommend you take a look at Reunion. Also there is not this every year or so expenditure for an upgrade.
Developer's website(links to Reunion Talk Forum) - and Ben Sayers' fantastic videos etc on  genealogy - pc and Mac: and
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I can second this, Marscha.  I've been quite happy with Reunion.

Aside from all the nice features on the Mac itself, there's a companion iPhone app, which makes it easy to bring family tree info with you when you're doing research away from your computer.
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