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Dark Echo
Here's this week's app showcase! Dark Echo by RAC7 Games Before I get started, here's the games trailer: Dark Echo is a very dark game based on sound and is recomended that you wear headphones. Your goal is to navigate to the exit while only using sound wav...

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New Series Announced for my YouTube Channel!
Hey guys, I have officially announced my first YouTube series! Here's the trailer!   Enjoy and stay tuned!

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The look of Areay
Hello there! As you can see I’m finally
posting a review … Anyways, let ’ s start. First of all I have to say that this texture pack is not
quite original. In some ways it is, but not completely. That’s my first thought.
Now, if you look at every block with...

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Infinity Maze by Illuvetar
Infinity Maze Review By Illuvetar This following review
will be soon featured in a video, stay tuned for it! The Infinity Maze map
is a huge maze ready to be played. Although it doesn’t feature a goal, it is
great for multiplayer challenges. I tried this ma...

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Mojang April Fool’s Exclusive!
Here is something new and original for
April Fool’s Day! Google may have a Pokemon search (Which is pretty cool
though), but... Mojang has added weird sounds and
villagers skins for everybody today, two surprises in less than six months!
Here is a picture o...

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Big Announcement!
Good News! We have opened registration for two new contests! These are the
following! MineView Skin Competition: And The Minelympics!

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All new HUGE announcement on Friday
We will be doing a HUGE announcement on
Friday concerning our Ultimate Bending Contest and our future events. All staff
have been notified. Let the guessing begin!

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MineView Presents the ULTIMATE BENDING
TOURNAMENT! The rules are simple: ·          There are 4 classes, Benders,
Donators, Avatars, and Staff ·          The first round is made in 2v2
matches in random pairs chosen by us. Each category fights separate ·   ...

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MineView presents its first event in
the BlockHunterz server! This first event will be an Ultimate
Bending Tournament!!! The rules are the following:        There will be 4 categories:
Bender, Donator (VIP and VIP+), Avatar, and Staff        There will be a...

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Flappy Chicken App Review
  Everybody knows Flappy Bird, right? I found this application interesting due to
the fact that I was a Flappy Bird player (I played a lot, but not as an
obsession). But it was removed recently I played this for the first time and I got
a pretty decent scor...
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