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I am looking for suggestions on any funnels designed for forests. I plan on starting the campaign with the PCs as hirelings for a proper adventuring party, which gets wiped out in an ambush as the caravan makes its way through the forest. Mostly undead/abomination/spidery opponents would be preferred.

Hey everyone, does anyone have a quick rules reference available for new players? I like to stick a rule reference in with character sheets at convention games, but can't seem to find a good one for ArM5.

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DG Agents, DO NOT print incriminating documents from your office printer!
All current models of laser printers print an almost invisible pattern of yellow dots uniquely identifying the printer which produced the page.
This is old stuff but I didn't know all laser printers had this.

Hey everyone, checking to see if anyone has a group of 6 pre-generated magi characters (5th edition) that they could share with me? I need some NPCs for "Promises, Promises" and don't want to use the ones included in the scenarios, since they are pretty basic and not compatible with 5th edition.

Hey, if you're plussing things on G+, please don't mute them. I like to see the things my friends find interesting.

If you're a self-righteous cock that insists all their followers mute their plusses, please stop following me.

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Your security nightmare for today:
From eBay, special packet delivery from China
Infrared/Night Vision video camera hidden in the head of a screw. Only $30 US, gettem while they're hot.

So, if you're thinking about going to see Ghost in the Shell, buy a ticket, wait 1 hour and 41 minutes, enter the theater to see the tank fight, then leave. If you wish, enter the theater 1 hour and 29 minutes in to see Aramaki being a badass.

Hey all, I'm looking to get back into playing/running Ars Magica again (I had a short-lived campaign about 5 years ago). Gen Con is coming up and I would like to run a scenario of Ars Magica there because it is always under-represented. Any suggestions for scenarios that a rusty GM could handle in a 4-5 hour convention slot?

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