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T.V Review - Doctor Who - The Time of The Doctor
The Christmas specials
are usually fun and light-hearted, primarily to distract from the depressing
series finales. Usually. This time, as you can
tell by the title, it’s not fun. There’s very little in the way of laughter for
the audience in this episode a...

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T.V Review - Doctor Who - The Day of The Doctor
50 years of history has
led us to this point. So much hype, so much promotion and so much excitement. Worth it? Every. Single. Minute. The 50 th anniversary special gives us three doctors, Zygons, UNIT and Gallifrey. It’s a
new lease of life for the show, s...

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T.V Review - Doctor Who: The Witch's Familiar
Title: The Witch's Familiar Air Date: 26th September 2015 Writer: Steven Moffat We left The Doctor stuck in a room with Davros and Clara and
Missy dead. Surprise! They're still alive and working together (reluctantly)
in order to get back inside the city. A...

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T.V Review - Doctor Who: Under the Lake
Title: Under the Lake Air Date: 3rd October 2015 Writer: Toby Whithouse If anyone has read the tenth Doctor novel 'The Feast of the
Drowned' you're in good stead for this two parter. It may also remind you of
such episodes as 'The Impossible Planet' and ver...

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T.V Review - Doctor Who: The Magician's Apprentice
Title: The Magician's Apprentice Air Date: 19th September 2015 Writer: Steven Moffat So, the opening episode of series 9*. Peter Capaldi's second full year as the Doctor. Really, I don't have a lot to say here since this is a two-parter. Certainly an ambiti...

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Film review: Fantastic Four
Cast: Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell Director: Josh Trank Released: August 2015 Where to begin with this film? It seems that the Fantastic Four
have had a troubled history with movie adaptations, the 2003 and 2007 versions
weren't wel...

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#dwsr - Canal Park - 22nd May 2015
So there's really not much to say about today but I do have photos and a video that I'll let speak for me:

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Dinefwr Park and Castle, Llandeilo, Wales - 4th September 2014

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#dwsr - Barry Island, 13th June 2014
I only managed to catch the tail end of filming this time so there's not much to say. I'll let the photos talk for me: And because I'm nice, have two videos (silent and the same scene. One's a closer shot)

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#dwsr - Bute Park - 18th March 2014
Yesterday saw the Doctor Who team filming in two locations rather than the usual one. The morning was taken up by filming in the Hadyn Ellis building and the late afternoon was spent across the road in Bute Park. When I arrived, the crew had just started to...
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