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Castaneya Streeby
I love people and life! :D
I love people and life! :D

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I'm home sweet home now. A few people have asked me how it's been going. I was a bit nervous to come back.  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up socially with the times and people I care about.  But I am doing alright actually.  I think. Granted I'm u...

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Much Ado About Nothin'
If there is anything I have learned in my life, it is †hat I know nothing, because I don't know everything. It is very hard to look out at a world you only want to make better and safer but knowing you will add your share of pain to it as well. It's painful...

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There and Back Again
I feel like a lot of us have angsty spells in our lives. Totally sucks.  Totally normal.  Most of the time it's just breathing through it and hanging with friends and family and doing fun things to heal up. I try not to make it obvious that I have had Sever...

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Getting Schooled 2.0
COFFEE When I remember it is Sunday and I have to go back to school the next day. When I ignore that fact as long as humanly possible When I look at all the homework I have to do When I get half of my homework done When I look at all the homework I still ha...

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My Achilles Heal.
  I've been thinking a lot about pain and listening. Talking about pain is pretty normal in class and it is always interesting to hear stories and gain new perspectives. And I have the opportunity to share a bit in class but also I have an opportunity to ju...

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I don't know much but I know I'm grateful to be here. I don't know much but I have learned that silence can be the biggest comfort.         And I know I can be uncomfortable with silence when another person is around.         And I'm trying very hard to rec...

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Getting Schooled (Part I)
I started nursing school. At first I underestimated how much homework I would have.  Then I realized. And at first I was all like But after a few days  So the first two weeks I felt like if I laughed too hard I would start to cry. But I like to think I'm st...

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Sons and Daughters
I have given away a lot of things this year. I have sorted through not only my belonging but also my priorities. And I have whittled down a lot of the noise in my life and now I look at my shelves and see empty space where there was clutter before. I have h...

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When Girl Meets World
"You're always so happy." I get that one a lot.  And I don't want to say it's not true.  But it's not true. True, I do tend to be wildly optimistic. True, I love a lot of things in life. True, I'm enthusiastic and I love people and I love learning and laugh...

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Thank You
Do you ever come across songs that seem to say what is in your head so perfectly it's weird? I do.  Like this song.  For a few weeks now I have realized that I have been writing blog posts about courage and kindness and love and strength and personal growth...
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