France 24 採訪我有關 D&G 事件,而寫成的報導,成功把中共呃港人的事,例如普選走數的事,話畀世界知

Mainlanders and locals regularly clash. Recently, parents from mainland China let their child defecate in public in the Harbour City shopping mall, where the Dolce & Gabbana store is located. This is absolutely intolerable for locals.

“The relationship between Hong Kong and the mainlanders
is extremely tense right now”

The relationship between the two communities is extremely tense right now, for many reasons. After the handover in 1997, the communists promised Hong Kong citizens a high degree of autonomy. But they broke their promise by ‘reinterpreting’ the law. They pushed back legislative elections from 2008 to ‘at earliest, 2020’ and the election for chief executive from 2007 to ‘at earliest, 2017’.
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