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Ricardo Bueno
Specialize in Marketing & Technology for the Real Estate Industry.
Specialize in Marketing & Technology for the Real Estate Industry.

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Just posted another podcast interview with newly licensed real estate agent, April Kass. She's a listing specialist with the Dave Knight Real Estate Team in Pasadena, CA. 

People told her she wouldn't make any money her first six months in the business. Well, she got her first listing her FIRST WEEK in the business, and a total of 5 listings less than a few months in. And she has a goal to close 20 listings by the end of the year. 

Listen in as we talk about self-discipline, accountability, motivation, and laying the foundation for a successful career in real estate!

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Website launch and strategy session in Monrovia today with these two real estate rock stars! 

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Starting a real estate career can be very exciting and highly lucrative. But it can also be extremely challenging.

It’s just like starting any other kind of business.

At the end of the day you’re responsible for generating your own clients and meeting your financial obligations, both personal and business related.

Some people find a rhythm. Others don’t.

And that’s where a business coach comes in (or in this case, a real estate coach).

A seasoned real estate coach can help you put systems in place to help you effectively grow your business. They can also help you move past any self-imposed barriers giving you accolades when you succeed and holding you accountable when you’re not doing what you’re supposed to.

While hiring a coach won’t guarantee your success, hiring a coach can prove to be very effective.

Here are three big reasons to consider hiring a business coach …

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Ep. 14: Why Pay-Per-Click Should Be a Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

SEO is a long-term play, you can't expect immediate results. With pay-per-click on the other hand you can expect immediate results

In fact, with a wel structured PPC campaign you can expect a reliable flow of traffic for a predictable amount of ad-spend. 

Join me as I interview Rivers Pearce, the Director of Digital Strategy at BoomTown ROI, as we talk PPC, lead generation in real estate, and the ISA model for lead generation and conversion success! 

Here's the link to listen in:

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Free Webinar: Reach Out To Your Prospects Faster (and Smarter!)

Leads360 did a research study that determined successful lead conversion is 57% lead quality, and 43% sales process.

In other words, you might be generating a good number of high quality real estate leads but without a good follow up sales process in place, you’re not going to convert any of them into closings.

In this webinar I’m going to show you 7 expert strategies for successfully converting online leads into commission dollars!

When: Friday, February 27, 2015 at 10:00am Pacific (1:00pm Eastern)

Here's the link to register: 

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Had a great time talking lead generation and conversion strategies with the team at RE/Max Cornerstone in Brea (new consulting client). 

Love their open office concept and the team that they're building! 

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New Podcast: Calculating the Lifetime Value of a Real Estate Customer

A lot of the industry is focused on transaction ready consumers but one company has always been really interested in how people actually get to that phase in the first place. That company is Doorsteps.

Join me in this interview with +Greg Fischer from +Doorsteps as we discuss the lifetime value of a customer, why it's critical to establish goals and metrics very early on in your business, and how focusing on "this" demographic can yield many more conversions! 

Listen in here: 

#leadgeneration #leadstrategy  #realestate #realestatesales

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Real Estate "Buy Signs" You Can't Afford To Ignore

Between closings, showing appointments, and the hundreds of leads registering on your website at different points of the buying process it can be difficult to determine where to spend your time and energy.

Every interaction a consumer has with your website, your IDX, and your content is an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to engage with that consumer in a conversation about buying or selling real estate.

The thing is, not everyone is going to buy right there on the spot.

So what I see happen in most cases is, if a lead isn’t ready to buy, an agent gives up and calls it a dead lead.

They’ll say “The lead is no good” and then they’ll trash it in their CRM.  
Here are some of the “buy signs” you should look for when managing your leads online …

Read more:

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New Podcast Episode: Building a High Performing Real Estate Sales Team With Chris Speicher

Chris Speicher, co-founder of the Speicher Group, has managed to nearly double his business year-over-year in the first 4 years and grow a high performing sales team by investing in the right tools, hiring for the right fit, and utilizing coaching to stay accountable and focused.

Listen in as we talk about the tools and systems he's put in place to grow and scale his business:

#realestate   #leadgeneration   #realestatebrokerage  

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"Every message you craft out there should have the potential to connect with somebody and either build a relationship or turn them into a customer." - Jason Miller, Senior Manager, Content Strategy at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 

Great interview with Jason Miller talking about how to build a smarter content strategy in 2015. Check it out: 
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