10 Minutes - That's how long it took me to remember some of the most valuable things in life. In 10 short minutes, I was emotionally energized! I want to go do something nice for someone.

We are so quick to take things for granted. Not just in our own lives, but in others, too. You're right, you may be fighting an ongoing battle. Uphill. One you feel you will never win. But someone, somewhere, has it worse. And yet, they manage to find that one thing, that tiny piece of the puzzle, that allows them to see the light. Don't take your problems out on others. Anyone can be negative. It's up to you to be positive.

It's up to you to - Be the change

This is such an amazing story! In 10 minutes - I saw so many lessons that I take for granted ~
Children do have it tough.
Everyone is different.
Life isn't fair.
Sometimes, the only positive force, has to come from you.
Family. Family is the strongest bond.
If you love them, show them. Tell them.
Be kind. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle.
It's okay for a man to cry <----- don't pay any attention to that.

Now...I must make a Zero doll.
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