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I. J. West
I'm the one, the only, and the original "Mr. Blaktastic"; it's fantastic to be Black.
I'm the one, the only, and the original "Mr. Blaktastic"; it's fantastic to be Black.

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ATTENTION: I don't post to please anybody or for agreement. If you agree fine, and if you disagree fine too. I welcome healthy discussion with opposing views that add to my knowledge and information. If you see my page or posts and would like to be in my circles then add me. If you're profile doesn't have a pic, or your profile looks crazy, and your page doesn't at least have any posts of substance then I won't add you back. What else I won't do is engage in meaningless and unfruitful redundant debates with those of particular religious or philosophical persuasions about my faith or how "Black" I am.

"A speaker of truth has no friends." ~ African Proverb

I have no identity crisis, faith issues, or a lack of "knowledge of self" because I'm pursuing the knowledge of God Almighty, and could care less what others think or have to say. I know who I am and don't need anybody's approval to be that. If you don't like it then remove yourself from my circles. I will engage in meaningful and productive discussion with the sincere from which I can also be edified and learn even if we don't agree, but I won't waste time with nonsense talking to folks who think they're deep or "waking me up". I'm not sleep or blind, and if you can respect that then we can go forward. ~ I.J. West 

1st CORINTHIANS 15:10; "But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain...."
"Unapologetically Black & Unapologetically Christian... DEAL WITH IT!" -

Just because justice doesn't always come right away and the wicked seem to rule or triumph over others doesn't mean they're getting away with it. Divine justice & judgment does not work on our time table but it surely comes; whether you believe or not. The pride of the wicked and the complacency of their beneficiaries & descendants in not correcting these wrongs deceives them into believing the way things are in their favor is the way they will always be, but not so.

ECCLESIASTES 8:11; "Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the children of man is fully set to do evil."

How ironic that European countries invade Africa, Asia, and the Americas, enslave & displace the peoples of those lands, steal the wealth & mine the resources of those lands, exploit the rightful citizens for their gain, force their way of living on them, destabilize those countries by inciting wars, kill millions by bringing disease, and are now being overrun by refugees from those same lands but want to build walls or tighten their borders to keep these people out.

PSALM 94:2-6; "Rise up, O judge of the earth; repay to the proud what they deserve! O LORD, how long shall the wicked, how long shall the wicked exult? They pour out their arrogant words; all the evildoers boast. They crush your people, O LORD, and afflict your heritage. They kill the widow and the sojourner, and murder the fatherless."

Call it irony, coincidence, or justice but it clearly says to me that there is a GOD and that divine justice is not blind even though it may seem delayed. This is only the beginning and there's more to come. ~ I.J. West

PSALM 94:7-10; "and they say, "The LORD does not see; the God of Jacob does not perceive." Understand, O dullest of the people! Fools, when will you be wise? He who planted the ear, does he not hear? He who formed the eye, does he not see? He who disciplines the nations, does he not rebuke? ...."

I LOVE YOU! I really do, and you don't have to change who you are for me to love you as you are, nor will I nitpick at you for not being like me or the way others say you should be. I like you, and you're alright with me. Peace. ~ I.J. West

One of the most important lessons I've ever learned was when to shut up and stop presuming to know more than what I actually did while not underestimating or disrespecting what others actually knew. Pride is one of the greatest hindrances to one's spiritual growth or learning, because it makes you unteachable and then unreachable.

An arrogant person foolishly believes they've arrived when they've only just begun. Excitement about what you've learned must also come with temperance to listen. True revelation is only given to the humble because they're smart enough to know how dumb they are, and can be trusted with it. Everyone else is just guessing. ~ I.J. West 

"Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures." ~ Cesar Chavez

Some "Black Revolutionary" folks are way too serious. I can't even share a humorous story or tell a "knock knock" joke safely because they be like:

ME: "I got a funny knock knock joke to tell you brotha. Okay, here it goes... KNOCK KNOCK."

THEM: "I ain't opening up for no police! You better get the hell away from my door! Black Power!"

ME: "Alright, never mind brotha... just forget it. Wrong address."

The "Revolution" may not be televised, but it doesn't need to always be "turnt up", dang... smh. ~ Wes #WayTooSerious 

If an elderly Black Man looks at you while pointing with a smile and says something like (the whole thing as one word), "Ahhh you know, hey hey boy, alright now jack, watch yo self!" Just know that means, "Hello." Please be polite and say, "What's up" or "Hey man, good to see you too" in response. No need to be rude... 😂 ~ Wes #JustHappened #ElderEbonics #LoveMyElders

This is some folks when it comes to conspiracies theories & hoaxes:

"See my brotha/sistah, this is meant to distract us from the truth about the gang violence between the Keebler Cookie Elves vs. Snap, Crackle, & Pop, and that Tony the Tiger has been selling cocaine under the code name "Frosted Flakes" for years. All this stuff going on in the world is just to distract us from this because nobody wants to deal with these issues. This truth is just too real for y'all...."

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"Ding, dong, the witch is dead..." Well, sorta... #BillOReilly #FoxNews

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"Where the Black church misses the mark these other entities fill in the gap, but they are built to fail and will to the further disappointment of Black people who are already disappointed with the Church." #BlackChristians #BlackChurch #Forgiveness #ProBlack
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