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Did you know Facebook tracks non-users on other Web sites using JavaScript code that grabs IP address, site visited, and other information when people visit a site with a Facebook "Like" button on it? If you go to a non-Facebook site the 'Like' button can track you, even if you don't click on it - scary stuff!

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I hate "what's hot"! Why can't we dump it? Don't expect to see me here much until google gives us a choice.

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Watch how a Greek artist brings VanGogh's Starry Night alive in this video: - it's stunning!

If I can't find a way to hide "what's hot" in my stream, I'm never going to use Google plus. Stupid move, Google...

Rain - finally!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2012 be far better than 2011.

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Get rid of the annoying "what's hot" in your stream by installing Greasemonkey and What's Hot Isn't here: - It works!

Just deleted her Facebook and MySpace accounts. Man they were getting annoying, and every time I turned around I was having to update the privacy settings! Only keeping Google Plus and Twitter for now.

Has just joined Google plus. I'm getting tired of all the popup "help" on Facebook. Anyone else fed up with them?
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