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Javier Liendo
Imagination breaks all chains. Truth frees all souls. D.R.
Imagination breaks all chains. Truth frees all souls. D.R.


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Explore a huge galaxy; enjoy a multifaceted and exciting experience; get to know the deepest and most developed market in any game; make friends all over the world. This link provides a 21 days Trial Period! Try the game! D.R.
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This game is extremely awesome and complex. Seriously the best MMO I've played thus far. If you guys want to try it, this link will give you a 21 day Free Trial. If you like it, don't hesitate to subscribe!! D.R.
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Well, I had my first shot playing Warhammer Fantasy 3rd E by Fantasy Flight Games and I must say... the system is one of the most absurd, inefficient mish-mashes I've seen, let alone played, in my life. I'll continue playing because the rest of the players oppose my perception in this regard, and I like the party as it is... but this is not a game I'd voluntarily pick to play, much less narrate.

Just to clarify why the system seems so absurd to me, the game has six special dice of different colors. One of them, a very negative dice, is added to almost every single roll, with the potential of literally ruining everything (in a system that's already pretty lethal, that could mean TPK in one encounter on the first session). The players must also keep track of boardgame-ish tokens and action cards that, admittedly, make certain things easier in the process of playing, but are still unnecessary. Beside that, the characters are individually and collectively prey to bouts of anxiety and fatigue (as exemplified by points added and subtracted as the game session goes) that can be extremely detrimental to performance in and out of combat. D.R.

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More worldwide giveaways. Just enter through this link. D.R.
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The supposed "Eagles Plothole" in The Lord of the Rings.

Ok, I've seen quite a few posts (all referencing the same post by a guy who claims to have figured out the plan Gandalf had deviced to get the Ringbearer to Mordor, in spite of the fact that there's no mention of it in the novels) regarding what many think to be a plothole in Tolkien's most famous narrative work, namely that the Fellowship could've flown to Mordor on the back of Eagles to drop the Ring in Orodruin.

First, let us assume that Gandalf indeed had such a plan. Then, let us assume that Frodo's role as a Ringbearer, and the constitution of the Fellowship of the Ring were facts instead of the consequence of the Council of Elrond. Finally, let us assume that the Eagles consented to the plan.

Let us also remember that Bard felled Smaug with a single arrow in The Hobbit.

Now, the Eagles would carry a company of nine people to Mordor. They could fly through any of the compass points, described below:

Morannon and the Ered Lithui (Mountains of Ash). This is the northern part of Mordor, at plain view of Barad-Dûr, Castle Durtang and the whole army of Mordor.

Ephel Dúath (Mountains of Shadow). This rocky pass is the western natural defense of the Black Land, constantly guarded by the Orcs of Cirith Ungol and, worse still, Minas Morgul, the seat of the Nazgûl.

Near Harad. Coming through here would require the Eagles to take a circle of hundreds of miles over Ered Nimrais and Gondor, and still fly over the enemy lands of the Haradrim, attempting to reach Orodruin through the south, over Lake Nurnen.

Rhovanion and Rhûn. This would require the Eagles to take a direct flight from the Hithaeglir past southern Mirkwood and the Brown Lands. Mordor is still protected through most the north-east by the Ered Lithui, deep into the lands of the enemy Easterlings.

Let us now state that Sauron has in his possession one of the Palantíri, with which he succeeded in corrupting Saruman and shattering Denethor's mind. Through his power, Sauron could send images through the seeing stone, which to lesser minds is a near impossible feat, being the Palantíri objects of far observation first and foremost. It stands to reason that Sauron could see events well beyond his borders, although with limited accuracy, and depending on his interests. He certainly could oversee events within his land.

If the Eagles tried to fly into Mordor by any of the aforementioned choices, they would be pretty detectable, and would certainly be attacked, just as British planes would have been attacked if they had overflown Nazi Berlin. The odds of them escaping destruction would have been minimal at best. Assuming that they could fly so high that they were out of sight for most of the way, only Gandalf, Legolas and perhaps Aragorn would've stood such heights. Even if there had been no trouble with that, soon upon reaching Mordor, they would've had to lower their flight because of the smoke coming from Orodruin itself that constantly blocks the light of the sun. Another chance of detection.

But let us assume that even lowering their flight they could pass undetected by the army of Mordor and Sauron. They would still need to land to leave their charges. We know for a fact that Orodruin and the sorrounding lands were filled with Orcs. The Hobbits only escaped because the Captains of the North made a stand before the Morannon, forcing the armies to move north.

Let's still assume that they had remained undetected even after landing. The Fellowship would've had no time at all to form true bonds of friendship. Gimli would've still hated Legolas and vice-versa. They would all mistrust Aragorn. Boromir would've only been further affected by the Ring, moreso in the Black Land. Frodo would've felt the whole weight of his burden almost without preparation or graduation. There's no doubt the effect of the Ring would've fallen upon the whole Company at once had they crossed Sammath Naur.

There are too many Game Over possibilities for the so-called plan to have any feasibility. Gandalf would've seen that. The Eagles even more.

Conclusion: There is no such thing as an Eagles Plothole in The Lord of the Rings. D.R.
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So I've been playing a lot of videogames lately and I realized most of them have included a few elements that we're accustomed to see in RPGs, like levels, customizable skills and items, side quests/missions and experience points, among others. Narratively, most games remain the same, with a rather linear story, although open world exploration and the capacity to solve problems with a variety of methods instead of following a script has become increasingly popular.

From these experiences along with my previous tabletop games, I've been wondering what's the most interesting way to express character advancement and development in a story, be it a videogame or classic role playing.

There are two major paths in this regard: one is the typical level-based progression, with a standard predefined set of points and skills or feats that rarely if ever changes from one character to another if they share the same class/profession. The other is a more loose and custom progression based on skills that the player can increase with experience. The former depends on a set of types or kinds of characters, commonly expressed by race and class. The latter provides adjustable characters that basically create their own fields of proficiency as they go.

Which is the most enjoyable? Which one do you think best expresses and transmits the "feel" of a gaming experience? D.R.

"You ran fast,
you hid good,
you concealed your weakness well.

But you were lost
long ago,
when I set my eyes on you.

If you had a duller heart,
you might have escaped my sight.
But you have a heart of gold
shining through your skin and bones.

You did try to slip my grasp
and pretend the worst,
all to avoid the harshness and the hurt.

But you were lost
long ago,
when I held your chest to mine.

If you had a fuller mouth,
you might have talked me out of it.
But your words are sound and true
resonating in my solitude.

With your cries you tried to trick me
into giving up and leave,
to evade heartache one more time.

But you were lost
long ago,
when I whispered in your ear.

Now you are here and I with you,
together we have seen the skies.
there is much yet to be done and lived.

Take my hand,
off we go

Kiss me,
off we go" D.R.
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And if that one doesn't get your attention or isn't enough for you, then sign in to a second site! Earning BitCoins is a slow process, but it's worth it! D.R.
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