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Belmont Branch Library
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1038 Southeast Cesar E Chavez Boulevard Portland, OR 97214
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Foto del perfil de Tabitha Boschetti
Tabitha Boschetti
comentado hace un año
With its relatively small size, this library might be more likely to be your pick up/drop off location for books requested on your online library account (which usually come quite quickly and are easy to find once you're there). However, if you're in the neighborhood, maybe down at the nearby Fred Meyer, they have enough of a selection to satisfy a particular mood you might be in. Literary fiction seems the most limited to me (maybe I'll read some Vonnegut...okay, nevermind. Ooh, I wanted to check out Hemingway again, oh well, not that either), but if you're in the mood for a graphic novel you'll have a surprising array of options, and the non-fiction section is the perfect size for when you want to browse and venture into something new, rather than hunting upstairs and downstairs at the Central Library. It's also a great location for comfortably popping on to the internet or printing out a few documents.
• • •
Foto del perfil de George Mihaly
George Mihaly
comentado hace un año
This is a really nice little library :) There are several computers to use for internet browsing, a large selection of books in house, and very helpful staff. Love the location too :)
michelle holbert
comentado hace un año
i love the local libraries and the services that they provide.
Foto del perfil de Flora Richards Gustafson
Flora Richards Gustafson
comentado hace un año
This library has everything you need: books, computers, a room for groups and hand sanitizer. I go to this library for my monthly origami group, and the staff is always friendly, interested and helpful.
Foto del perfil de Peter Banka
Peter Banka
comentado hace 3 años
Pretty good audiobooks. Friendly staff! Beautiful building, if small.
Foto del perfil de Tracy Har ton
Tracy Har ton
comentado hace un año
Great staff


Le tienen en círculos
2 personas

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