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Michael Knepprath
Husband. Father. Marvel enthusiast. Front-End Developer at Pear Tree Greetings.
Husband. Father. Marvel enthusiast. Front-End Developer at Pear Tree Greetings.

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Wow, that super old LG phone in my cover photo... just, wow.

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Apple announced a new feature during WWDC called Family Sharing that will “bring harmony to your family’s digital life” by allowing up to six users share apps they buy using the same credit card. This is a genius play, but not all the reasons are obvious.

For one thing, people were sharing their Apple IDs with family and friends to do this, anyway. While this caused some confusion within the accounts, it was worth it to save some money through not having to buy the same app for each family member. How Apple reacted to this behavior is telling – rather than doing the obvious by trying to prevent people from “cheating the system,” they’ve endorsed it by officially allowing family to share apps among each other for free.

But isn’t this potentially cutting developers’ revenue by a significant amount? No, and I believe the opposite could be true. It’s far easier to justify buying an app for six people than one. Anyone sharing their ID before will continue their current (and now sanctioned) behavior, while those who weren’t may now consider buying apps that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

This is also great for Apple, because now that they’ve officially addressed customers’ desire to share apps, they’ve brought it into their realm of control – and can build upon it. Work on this has already begun. My favorite slide from the announcement of Family Sharing is pictured above.

I love Family Sharing. It shows that Apple is very much in-touch with how their platform is being used, is making smart decisions, and is willing to make sacrifices for a better customer experience.

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Apparently, I have to watch this show.

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Rumors of an Apple iWatch have been making the rounds for quite some time now. I’d normally brush these aside due to lack of evidence, but a few recent events have brought me back around to the idea.

1) Tim Cook has teased the possibility of new product categories this fall. This, in it of itself, does not imply a wearable is on the way. He could be referring to the rumored bigger iPhone. Or anything else, really.

2) Screenshots of a Healthbook app have leaked. Again, this does not necessarily prove the existence of a wearable. The iPhone is perfectly capable of tracking many of the items listed in this app, and others aren’t trackable by anything but manual entry.

3) Nike has all but abolished it’s FuelBand hardware team, and plans to focus on software. Nike and Apple have always been very close. Nike isn’t a hardware company. Apple is. I think this is the biggest sign of what’s to come. My guess is that Apple and Nike have been working together on a product being designed and developed by Apple that will integrate with Nike+ (among many other things). I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this product being sold in Apple and Nike stores upon its release.

Clearly, this product will not ever be the cash cow that the iPhone ended up being. I think Apple is okay with that. For one, it will strengthen Apple’s current ecosystem of services and products. Second, assuming it’s a well designed and useful product, it will help people get and stay healthy. Apple may be willing to “take the hit” for the common good, as illustrated by Tim Cook’s retort to a conservative finance group who wanted him to commit to only doing things that were profitable in regard to Apple’s energy sustainability programs, “When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind, I don’t consider the bloody ROI.”

I would use Google+ so much more if my blog posts and tweets were posted here automatically. I'D INTERACT WITH YOU PEOPLE SO MUCH. Make this happen Google.

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Make your Pokémon adventure real with Skype! Okay, not quite - but it's still pretty fun.

I requested a custom URL for my Google Plus account about two weeks ago and it's still under review... What's going on here? I thought it was only supposed to take a few days!

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Are you aware of these tips? I use site: all the time! Quite useful.

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I don't post much on here, so here's a photo of my son.
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