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Raj: Anyway, Dad’s gonna be here in town, so I won’t be able to do Christmas dinner this year.

Amy: If you’re not up to hosting Christmas dinner, I’m happy to do it. You can even bring your father.

Raj: That would be nice.

Amy: I’ve always wanted to do a traditional Victorian Christmas. Parlour games, goose and figgy pudding.

Sheldon: Ugh. English pudding. You get yourself all excited for pudding, and here comes a cake with raisins in it. I’m not going.

Amy: You’re going.

Sheldon: Why do you hate me?

Amy: I don’t hate you. I love you.

Sheldon: Well, you call it love, but it has a lot of raisins in it.

Raj: Amy, good luck getting these guys excited about a dinner with a theme. I gave up when no one cared about my Tom Hanks-giving.

Bernadette: I think a Victorian Christmas sounds nice.

Howard: I agree.

Leonard: Why not?

Penny: Me, too.

Raj: You guys suck.

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LMAO...guys check out my skills as a barber.

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I found this dialogue funny, I haven't watched this episode in a while:

Sheldon: Would it be helpful to you if I told you about my dreams?

Leonard: Um, I don’t know, maybe.

Sheldon: I recently had a dream that I was a giant. But everything around me was to scale, so it all looked normal.

Leonard: How did you know you were a giant if everything was to scale?

Sheldon: I was wearing size a million pants.

Leonard: Why don’t we just talk?

Sheldon: Ah, the talking cure. Classical Freudian, good choice. If it will help speed things along, uh, my answers to the standard Rorschach ink blot test are A, a bat, B, a bat, C, a bat, and D, my father killing my mother with a hypodermic needle.

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Watched this episode today.

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We all can't be perfect and everything, and the faster we accept that, the faster we can improve.

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Summer's over so I'm changing my profile photo to a leaf to remind me of all the summer fun.
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