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Jamie Hull
Bike geek. Gamer nerd. Product peep.
Bike geek. Gamer nerd. Product peep.

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I'm a finalist to be a sponsored rider for Foundry Cycles! Help me win with a vote on the link below. Just visit the site, log in with Facebook and then click the 'Vote' button under my name.

Retweets & shares are appreciated!

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I wish I was half that articulate at 19 (or, realistically, now)...

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OK, no idea if these will be effective... but I do like some of the poems!

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"most of the reported incidents happening at or near Walmart stores..."

Shocking. Who could have guessed?

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Yay! My team's first Android app launched yesterday -- check it out on the market.
Android Folks-- Check out the easy new way to share your business card without the chicken-and-egg problem you normally face with these solutions.

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Hah! Love these ads from the "Don't Be a Jerk" bike campaign in NYC. How could you NOT love Paulina on a bike?!

The Bay Area should really give this a try... people biking in MTV make me want to punch puppies.

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Sooo who wants to design my new website?
Will you work for me for free? (Note: answer (with pie charts!) in link below is possibly NSFW.)

Oh dear... it was bound to happen...

S&P Downgrades Planet Earth and Humanity, Citing Unbalanced Carbon Budget, Reckless Political Debates and Role of “Deniers”

Well... I do admit the high maintenance part at least... Wonder where windows phone users fall.

Androids Are For Cheap Pessimists, "iPhones Are For Worldly Optimists"
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