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One big wrong that old woman are she not accept send any E-mail, and are wrong in all bad mentality liberals have, I am senior and disable and I am to tired of Dems, are so much million like me tired of lie, discrimination, abuse all atrocity Dems commit, force citizen accept what not agree, but a worse of all are dems are minority now and can force nothing, plus liberals no have any brain thing communist are a good for all. Last election voter was to clear, but Dems can't see and understand, and next election be will much worse for all Dems, all thing Dems have are wrong, like let illegal invader USA and try let go vote, when are illegals, in another words Dems became enemy, Dems no have and never was any patriotism, honesty or decency, instigate black attack whites and discriminate older, only look for make money and power, like here in a hell Dem City, but are much worse who hell, she care? no way don't care, only talk lie and lie. I assure next election be will start a end of a hate dem reign, and are a fact and reality illegals be will deported together with a lot of liberals, but many another be will change a office for small Jail cell, that are my promise.
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Office of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur - - proudly serving Ohio's 9th District in the United States Congress