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Stockley Wang (SW LLP CGAs)
SW LLP General Accountants ... no job is too big or too small
SW LLP General Accountants ... no job is too big or too small


Please competing with the service quality not only the price!

One of my new clients asked me if we are licensed Certified General Accountants when she called me the first time. I said yes. Then she asked me if we do tax filing for clients by ourselves or hire students. I answered we do each client's filing by ourselves. Finally she asked the price. My partner Wang completed her filing and found out she got interest charged by CRA last year and also her capital gain was not applied to the carry-forward capital loss. 

She told us that she found a very cheap deal last year, only $20, and a student under an accountant firm did her filing. Actually, her case is a little bit complicated with all kinds of investment income and deductions. Unfortunately she ended with interest charged by CRA 6 months after she submitted her personal income tax, and the interest is much much more than her filing cost $20.

I thought about I should remind people: please look at the service quality not only the price!

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Motor vehicle expenses on rental property--
One of my clients asked me if he can deduct his motor vehicle expenses on collecting the rental. I answered NO. 
SORRY! I AM WRONG! --If you have more than one rental property, YES! You can deduct your vehicle expenses. You can claim 0.53 per KM on the mileage your drive to collect the rental.
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