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Part of me is glad the weekend is over. There were a lot of sad/negative moments in the weekend. But then there were a lot of great moments, and I am trying to focus on those. Friday I took the day off and was able to get the house cleaned, laundry finished...

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a whole lotta nothing
I have tried to start writing this post, I don't know how many times...  and even now I fully don't know what to type. I want to blog about my new mindset on my future... that I am thinking about becoming a wellness coach. I want to blog about how I have be...

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Crap. crap. and more crap.
It ha s lasted forever it seems!!  I feel like I haven't feel 100% in forever.  It started at Christmas. Both the babies got the stomach flu that was going around. Both were up and down all night throwing up. I got the other end of it. On the toilet most of...

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Skating Saturday
My mom and I took the girls skating.  My mom takes the big girls for skating lessons every Saturday. This time we decided to take the babies for open skate afterwards.   Mady loved it!!! She went out with out help and started dancing along with the music. S...

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Different mindset on marriage
1/11/17 2016 was a rough year… but truthfully in the
midst of all the negativity and struggles, there were a ton of blessings. And
even though I feel like 2016 was a horrible year… truthfully- it was a blessed
year and that is what I truthfully need to focu...

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Our Christmas
I hate to say it, but I am thankful that this Christmas is over and that this year is almost over.  This has been one hell of a year. I am trying to think of all the great things that have happened, but sometimes its hard.  This Christmas was exceptionally ...

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Renbug turns 10!!!
Where has the time gone!!??  Seriously! When did my first baby girl become 10years old!!!  Oh yea.. just yesterday.  She is seriously so amazing!!  She has is my best friend and I hope that I am hers. She was my sole partner in crime, my inspiration, and my...

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Rambles and such
I have been wanting to post for forever.   It always seems that as soon as I sit down to start writing, my mind just goes blank and my fingers just can't seem to move across the keyboard. So then I log out and go onto something else.  My life motto seems to...

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Dear Daddy 10/22/16
Its been over 2 months since you passed. It still doesn't seem real. We have your house almost all cleaned out now.... and every time I leave, a little piece of my heart breaks more. I still want to call you and tell you things.. I still want to cook a ton ...

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Rain Rain
Its a rainy Saturday morning here. The breeze is cool and it smells lovely! PeyPey is at his dads for the weekend and hubby is at work, so its just me and the girls right now. Madybear is still sleeping, Lilybee is playing with a toy car on the floor and th...
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