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Favorite telemarketing call today (abridged):

Scam Artists: Hi there! We're you're local Google business listing specialist. [...] Press 1 to speak with a representative.
Me: 1
SA: Please press 2 to confirm that you're the business owner or marketing director.
M: 2
SA: Hi there! Is this the best number to reach you at?
M: Yup!
SA: What's your business address?
M: 5 Cambridge Center
SA: And your zip code?
M: Actually, can you put "Google" on the second line of that address? The zip is 02142
SA: Uh, sure. This is a Cambridge address?
M: Yup.
SA: Awesome. What would you say that the primary service you provide to you customers is?
M: Google.
SA: Sorry?
M: Google Search.
SA: [click]

For those of you that have location tracking turn on with the Googs:

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Props to Coke for this one. A neat, if slightly contrived experiment:

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I built my Shapeoko 3! Now I just need to find time to use it...

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"Deprecate" has awesome etymology.

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Big news! First, my wife​ is back home from North Carolina. Yay!

Second, having solved all of the mobile-webs woes, I'll be changing teams within Google next week. As of April 1st, I start on Android Wear - the fancy smart watches that are starting to gain traction in the public's conscious.

Yay for new adventures. Everything is coming up Dave!

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Damn, Boston. You snowy!

"2015 does not hold the record for most snow in any 1, 2, or 3 day period - it's just a few inches short of those records. However, it holds the record for all other periods of time."

The grey line represents records set during any year other than 2015.
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