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steve ryan, artists, music
steve ryan, artists, music

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Come Over Here and Talk to Me
Come Over Here and Talk to Me Come
over here and talk to me I
can tell what you’re thinking Don’t
let the anger continue to be I
don’t want our relationship sinking You
are playing hard to get Why
can’t you let it go? I
don’t like arguing When
will our love...

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What is the Problem?
What is the Problem? Love,
why haven’t you happened already? Did
I do something wrong? Why
do you keep sending losers my way? Is
this karma correcting the day? Am
I being punished for my past? I
didn’t mean to pass up a past chance I
wasn’t ready for love t...

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Happy New Year!  May this year and every year bring you peace and prosperity.

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Christmas Day, Please Don’t End
Christmas Day, Please Don’t End I woke up feeling an
urge to cheer. I’m happy the
holiday season is here. I look forward to
time with family and friends.  Please Christmas
day, please don’t end. This is the time
that we all get surprised. As we wonder what

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Will You Commit or Surrender Me?
Will You Commit or Surrender Me? My
love, I don’t know what to say or do I’m
lost in a state in which I’m confused I
get so many signals that you’re ready for commitment But
then reality brings me back to your contentment And
I see that you’re happy with th...

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Repairing your Family Theme
Repairing your Family Theme Do you have family
you haven’t seen? This is the time to
change that theme. The holidays are a
perfect bridge. You can use dinner
to repair any ridge. It’s natural for
families to have their fights. It’s also ok to heal

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Chapter 3 – The Relationship
Partial Chapter from the book, '' Love Poems: Are You The One? " Chapter 3 – The
Relationship If you are in a
relationship, how does it feel to you? 
It takes work getting to a relationship for some people at least.  Relationships have their different

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I Miss You
I Miss You I
miss those times When
we used to be together I
wish those times Could
have lasted forever You
kissed my mind And
filled my heart with laughter You
showed no sign That
our love would have left us I
miss the times that we spent I
wish those times...

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This Love is Taking Over Me
This Love is Taking Over Me I’ve
been sitting here all alone Just
thinking about you coming home It’s
only been a few hours since we’ve touched But
baby my heart is missing you so much It’s
hard to concentrate with my time I
can’t get you off my mind I’m

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A Love Holiday
 A Love Holiday You
have me singing all day long I’m
listening to nothing but love songs Today
is the day that my walls fell I
have drank water from love’s well What
have you done to me? I
can’t eat and I can’t sleep I
want you close, I want you near Let’s
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