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Full health immersion!
Love this exposition!
It's a great time to surround yourself with the latest and healthiest foods and ecological products on the market. Truly, time well spent!!
If you're in the area, I highly recommend it. Bring a rolling bag to add all your favourite purchases while taking care of your back!

If you go, leave me a note in the comments with your impressions.

Make it an amazing day! πŸ’š
Isabelle xoxo
Your certified naturopath and health & wellness coach

#expomangesante #healthandwellnesscoach #healthyeating #isabellegirouxnd #lifecoach #centrenaturalhealing ο»Ώ

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Your health, Your wellness
Happiness is a mixture of all the right ingredients, in the appropriate proportions, to fit perfectly within your life πŸ’™

Need support?
Your certified naturopath, health & wellness coach

#naturopath #healthandwellnesscoach #balance #happylife #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #rawvegan #lifecoach #naturalhealingmentor #isabellegirouxndο»Ώ

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🌺 ABLE 🌺
To every single girl and woman out there, you are wonderful, capable and ABLE! πŸ’•
Remember your strength and your power πŸ’ž
Please share in the comments below in one word or three, what you are most proud of πŸ™

With love & kindness to each one of you πŸ’•

Need support to get you where you want to BE?

#healthandwellnesscoach #naturopath #naturalhealingmentor #happylife #internationalwomensday #strongwomen #goalsο»Ώ

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Is It Time?
Are you feeling the need for some SELF care? πŸ’žAre you in need of extra energy, or health or even happiness? WHATEVER you may wish, it is possible to make it a reality with small, easy to take, consistent steps.
Let me support you in this journey. Finally allow your better SELF to emerge πŸ’›
Make it YOUR day 🌝

RSVP in person or via a web connection at

Find all the details here:

#healthandwellnesscoach #naturopath #isabellegirouxnd #healthylifestyle #goals #naturalhealingmentor #happylife ο»Ώ

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Here is the beautiful, inspiring testimony of Lise and her accomplishments following our FLIP YOUR LIFE RUNNING CHALLENGE. So, so proud of you Lise! THANK YOU for sharing ❀

~ Good morning ladies. It's back to being a little bit colder, but bundled up, boy oh boy it beautiful out there. I thought i would share a picture with you ladies this morning but don't fall off your chair :) I had posted a picture here back in august when we first started the challenge running. The other one is 2 weeks ago 38 lbs less.

Isabelle Giroux was grand time you came in my life :) ~

If you too wish to reach some health, wellness and fitness goals, I'm here to support you πŸ™β€

#healthandwellnesscoach #naturopath #centrenaturalhealing #naturalhealingmentor #running #reachinggoals #healthylifestyle #isabellegirouxnd ο»Ώ

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What are you proud of? What personal accomplishment have you achieved lately, that when you think of it, it fills you, energizes you and makes you feel powerful?
It could be anything, on any level. The SECRET is to use it as an anchor to propel you further when times are great, and to support you when times are tough.
❀ ANCHOR that positive moment! Anchor it using visual, auditory and kinesthetic details! And USE it every chance you get!
Allow your successes to pave your road of HAPPINESS ❀

Need Health & Wellness support?
Let a certified Naturopath and Lifestyle Coach help!

#naturalhealingmentor #centrenaturalhealing #isabellegirouxnd #healthymindset #healthybody #5k #reachinggoals #happiness #healthandwellness ο»Ώ
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How do you choose to see it?

On the path of happy and healthy, there will be obstacles, that is a given BUT, how will you choose to see and work with those bumps? It ALL is a question of focus.
Change your focus to SEE YOUR destination.
I believe in you ❀

Make it an AMAZING day Honeys ❀

For all your health and wellness needs:
#healthandwellnesscoach #naturopath #naturalhealingmentor #isabellegirouxnd #positivemindset #lovelife ο»Ώ

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πŸ’™ Beautiful Love πŸ’™

This is what it looks like when the earth and sky make love and create harmony πŸ’™
How do you create harmony with your internal and external world? How do you generate beauty and energy from it?

Taking time to make sure you are on the path of growth, happiness and love is ALWAYS a healthy choice πŸ’™

Support, encouragement and guidance help us all generate more of this beauty. Let me be your compass...


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πŸŽ‰β€οΈ 2017 β€οΈπŸŽ‰

πŸ’š SantΓ© πŸ’š Paix πŸ’š Courage πŸ’š Joie πŸ’š Amour πŸ’š Abondance πŸ’š
De ma famille et mon cΕ“ur aux vΓ΄tre ❀️

πŸ’™ Health πŸ’™ Peace πŸ’™ Courage πŸ’™ Happiness πŸ’™ Love πŸ’™ Abundance πŸ’™
From my family and my heart to yours ❀️

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πŸ’š Joyeux NoΓ«l πŸŽ„Merry Christmas πŸ’š

~ Isabelle & Noah Jadeο»Ώ
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