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My YA debut novel titled, A Most Memorable Quinceañera, has just been published by Floricanto Press. This is a coming of age story about two cousins, who are the best of friends and their journey into womanhood. One is ecstatic embarking on the journey and the other is not so enthusiastic and doesn’t feel she is ready for all the social responsibilities that come along with being a woman.  The girls will learn to stick together and that the bond between family is stronger than any rite of passage.
The practice of throwing a lavish and expensive party for a young girl turning fifteen years old has become quite popular in the United States, this story will appeal to young girls. This story will appeal to the young ladies of our generation as more and more of them are opting to have these traditional, Americanized, and definitely super-sized parties. After all, a girl only turns fifteen once in her life and this memorable day is her Quinceañera.
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