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For those white space haters out there...
Hint: Thanks for sharing.

Let met start off with this. I really appreciate the time and effort the good guys'n gals in the +Google+ team have put into their new design. It really looks gorgeous. But the white space visible on my large monitor is bugging me. I know that +Vic Gundotra announced this space is going to be filled with something awesome in the future but until then....

Here's a little Chrome extension I have hacked together during the last few hours which modifies G+'s CSS to properly stretch the content on large screens. Maybe you like it. This is the first release which has only been tested on my computer so far. If you encounter any weired positioning issues or sth else just drop me a msg.


Note: this extensions includes next to no Javascript. It just injects another CSS file overriding the rules responsible for content width.
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My widescreen monitor has tons of whitespace, like half the right side.
Mine too. This extension is a start until they fill it with apps.
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