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Where's the Instagram for movies: an app that takes 2 second clips from my home movie to make the opening sequence to The Wonder Years

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For those white space haters out there...
Hint: Thanks for sharing.

Let met start off with this. I really appreciate the time and effort the good guys'n gals in the +Google+ team have put into their new design. It really looks gorgeous. But the white space visible on my large monitor is bugging me. I know that +Vic Gundotra announced this space is going to be filled with something awesome in the future but until then....

Here's a little Chrome extension I have hacked together during the last few hours which modifies G+'s CSS to properly stretch the content on large screens. Maybe you like it. This is the first release which has only been tested on my computer so far. If you encounter any weired positioning issues or sth else just drop me a msg.


Note: this extensions includes next to no Javascript. It just injects another CSS file overriding the rules responsible for content width.

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“With email and instant messaging services, getting a 25 year-old to pick up the phone is a real challenge. The younger generation think it rude to call people, as the call is immediate and causes an interruption. They would rather send an email, text or IM and give the recipient the opportunity to deal with the question in their own time.”

Interesting thought. I think I perceived this before but nice to see it in words

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Guy tip: if you get a hair cut you like, take a couple photos so you can explain it easier next time.

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I try and use responsive thinking in my projects as much as possible. Not so they are future proof but that they will be sufficiently adaptable to whatever comes along. Predicting the future is folly so building an adaptable framework is the only chance.

That or building new sites every year because having too much cash make you uncomfortable.

The only truly future proof site is written in HTML1. Ask Jakob Nielsen.

I sort of get why the iPad v3 is just the iPad now. It's like cars... you don't buy a Ford Escort 31, you buy a 2012 Escort.

So, it's the 2012 iPad, which will become much more natural when we see the 2013 iPad

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A good re-framing of what we should be concerned about vs what make headlines
A dose of perspective

What you really should be afraid of

HTML5 will happen

It has to or Google gets shut out. Nothing altruistic here, just following the money.
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