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Steve Radabaugh
Teacher, App Creator, Game Designer, Technologist
Teacher, App Creator, Game Designer, Technologist


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The updated version of Fate Core Folio for iOS is released!
(because it's a FAQ, yes it's iOS only. To make an android version, I would have to
start from scratch, and I don't have the time to do that right now.)

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I just submitted an update to Fate Core Folio to the app store.
Biggest thing is that it'll now work in iOS11. It also replaces the dropbox syncing with iCloud syncing.

I also added a GM view!!!

I did have to remove the portrait orientation. It was causing some major issues. Sorry if that was important to you.

Here's hoping apple approves it quickly!

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Cost of Failure
One of the most interesting pieces of game design to me is the cost of failure. That is, when you fail at something in a game, what is the negative impact. For instance, in the original Super Mario Brothers, when you die, you go back to the beginning of the...

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Apathy Towards Today's Apple Event
Today a slug of new Apple devices are going to get announced. I am fairly entrenched in the Apple ecosystem and this is probably the least excited I've ever been for an announcement. Which is a bit strange because I'm a mobile app developer. Part of it is b...

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My brain is wired to write code. That fact becomes apparent every time I start working on some sort of coding project. When I'm working on some project everything else fades to the background and time slips by. Yesterday I had intentions of getting some mar...

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Post Gen Con Thoughts 2017
I'm not going to do the usual break everything down that happened to me at Gen Con post this year. I did have a great time, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone. I think this is the first time I introduced myself to someone on Friday who said that we had ju...

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Travel Anxiety
I get really unnatural anxiety over flying. I don't have any problems with the actual part of hurtling through the air in a metal tube at hundreds of miles an hour. That part is fine, I worry about missing my flights and getting to places in time. Tonight, ...

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The Nihilist Game Designer
Gaming conventions, Gen Con in particular, seem to eat game designers. Everyone I know seems to be in the midst of "aaaaa gotta get all the things done, Gen Con is coming!" I commented on a friend's Facebook post: GenCon prep never really ends, there's just...

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New Time
I bet you thought this blog was dead... HA! With my new direction of life, I find myself with a block of time in which I want to fill with something productive, but not actual work. So I might try blogging. I wake up pretty much every day at 5:30 in the mor...

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Laser Kittens just launched on Kickstarter by a couple fellow IGDNers (and friends) It looks way rad.
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