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Running low on jingoism?  Watch this!  The recruitment ad at the end is amazing.

That aside, it is a pretty good look at early rockets & missiles.
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"Strong Punch"
Q: What's the definition of a tactical nuke?
A: One that goes off in Germany.
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We'll have to check this out in June when we're there.
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fan tai
No. Wasn't raining or anything. We saw the Mickey pyrotechnics show and then wanted to walk out for it and they said "cancelled". Sigh
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Alton Brown has a new YouTube Channel with new videos!  Woot!
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Ooh... +Nancy Shaffer & I will be there in June. :-)
When you cook on an island paradise, using delectable local ingredients only makes the food taste better. And Chef Ron Viloria at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawai’i, gets creative with sweets on his new dessert menu at beachside ‘AMA ’AMA - Contemporary Island Cooking restaurant.
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Ah, the Flying Dorito.  I actually think this was a pretty cool design, but just too aggressive for its time.  It would've been nice to see it fly.  You do get a good look at how the exhaust would've worked on the A-12.  You don't see that in most illustrations.
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Sleeping Beauty was never a favorite of mine, but I'm looking forward to this film.
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Space X-3 launch to ISS.

In the audio on this video you hear mentioned that they received video from the first stage when it performed its re-entry burn.  I really hope they post that video, and any video from the attempted 'soft landing' in the ocean.

There are several other videos up: - launch replays - solar array deployment

Earlier today, lost in the coverage of the launch, SpaceX also posted video of the first test flight of the Falcon 9-R (Falcon 9 Reusable).  This test vehicle replaced the 'Grasshopper' test vehicle.  It is a Falcon 9 1.1 first stage with a single Merlin 1D engine, and landing legs as used on today's launch instead of the test leg arrangement from Grasshopper.  At the start of the video look to the right and you'll see the original Grasshopper, which also gives a comparison to the new, larger F9R to the left.
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Dear +Google +Android,

You want to make the world a better place?  Or at least the Internet?  Add a notice to the camera app:
"We noticed you've selected to record video in portrait format.  We recommend rotating your phone 90 degrees to record in landscape. It will look better."

Thank you.

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This place has just opened - a soft-open before the official grand opening - and I've been in twice. The food is fantastic and a very welcome break from the fast food places in the neighborhood. And they have a number of great vegetarian options - which is nice as my wife is vegetarian. In addition to the great food the staff are all friendly and personable and were happy to talk with new customers and accept feedback as they work out the 'just opened' kinks. This is definitely a place I'll be returning to.
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I've been purchasing furniture for several years and I will continue to do so. The experience is great - no pressure from sales people, great selection, good prices, and fantastic service. A great tip is to make major purchases during one of their promotions, like the Red Sox promo in the spring. Then use the credit later in the year to make a smaller purchase. More bang for your buck!
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