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Adria Joy
Letting go of the weight of the past so I can focus on training to be an Ironman
Letting go of the weight of the past so I can focus on training to be an Ironman

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Sex ED
6 is how old I was when I started learning how to pleasure a man. "When we have visitors, if it's a man, you should sit on his lap and wiggle around...if you feel his thing getting hard you know you're doing it right." Me: "But I don't want to sit on a stra...

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Right around age 5 we, our Family Care home, moved to Portugal and into the house David Berg had been using. He and his entourage had moved up the road a ways and we used to see him once in awhile out on walks. Anyways this house was huge, it had a grand st...

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My brother Andrew
One thing about the Children of God is that there was a lot of free love, meaning everyone was encouraged to "love each other" have sex, make babies, etc. So when my mom got pregnant for the fourth time, she wasn't quite sure who the father was. She was qui...

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Oceanside CA Ironman 2014- my first
I know I haven't done a
good job keeping up with my promise to update daily. Sometimes there are things
in life that become such a huge priority they cripple other efforts because there's just no energy left. In my case it was heading out to
my first ever h...

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Make my day...
Do you think there's someone out there who will care so much, that once in awhile, they'll spend their time thinking of ways to make my day? There are times in life I feel invincible and there are times I think I might shatter. I am a caretaker by nature......

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Jesus was born in Ireland
My parents had another daughter, Angela. If you remember in an earlier blog I talked about how we lived in a "home" dubbed "Family Care" where all the teaching books and curriculum's, to home school the children in our cult, were created. The reason we made...

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Growing up fast
There are so many things things that happen in a lifetime, writing it all down would be a bit overwhelming. But there are a couple events that are totally random and worth mentioning, for example, in August of 1977 our little apartment was searched by the I...

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Afraid of the dark
My parents moved to Rome in 1975, settled in a small apartment, dad started doing his art and my mom began learning Italian. My older sister went to a daycare of sorts run by nuns, when a child got whooping cough they lined up the whole class, made everyone...

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Don't worry, I'm alive!
So Saturday got off to an awful start, I yelled at my best friend for being late, and almost wreaked the car on my drive to the track. But after a hug, pep talk, and a run with good conversation I felt much better. My total work out ended right around the 8...

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Ironman panic
I’m 6 weeks out from my 1 st half Ironman. I’m
going to need to swim 1.2 miles, bike 56 miles, and then run 13.1….and I am
starting to panic!!! The bad thing about having a big event like this in March
is that training should get started back in October….an...
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