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I'd just like everyone to get on board with this.
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Logical progression of units! Please! US style dates enrage me, with their MM/DD/YY formatting. 
To be enraged by a non-standard data format, that's amusing.
It just triggers off my OCD-like reflex of "OMG THIS IS NOT IN AN EFFICIENT ORDER". Similar to when my books get de-alphabetized. 
Also ambiguity can be delightful, but not when it comes to data that you need to understand ASAP.
@ Matt - It's not my job to remember to take your Ritalin or the Rx du jour. @ D.S. - time dilation and contraction has become of function of which country/capital group/entity owns control over the standards of time, i.e., the ability to divide the second to the smallest fraction - fastest computers. As far as real claim to what time, and therefore what date, it is why should we make a date standard format? Simply to comply with the demands of the data keepers? Excludes a lot of humans who don't even have access to the devices, let alone the most accurate ones.

POSTSCRIPT:@Matt, I am saying this tongue in cheek. I respect your desire to maintain an orderly environment. D.S., ambiguity is horrible on a functional level, but my argument still stands: what does the pursuit of ever finer definition of human expression (even when it comes to how we express the date) do to our view of others? the world? ourselves?
This is exactly the order I've gotten in the habit of using because I routinely preface all of my personal transaction records with the date. Since I want them to sort properly, YYYY-MM-DD is the only format that makes any sense.
Never heard of it, but after browsing the link (gibberish sci-fi stuff) I have a valid theoretical point: time is the most malleable quantity of the perceived known universe. Why would it not then be a logical conclusion to accept that gold and other precious physical things are not the true standards which run the world, but how ultimately men spend their money within a given time frame, a week, a year, a lifetime? If you can control not time, but how it is perceived, you have something better than gold. You have the ability to control how it is distributed.
What a joke. And we still don't use centimeters, either, wasn't it in the 1960s that our compliance with the world standard was mandated?
Your proposal (D.S.) sounds like an effort to do just that, via your submission to a format of how time is recorded, if even in some small part. At that level of time dilation, a date format is inclusive of many sub-definitions of how we then perceive events having happened. Then once it is on record, it can then be recalled as "truth". It should be added: this becomes exceedingly important in a world connected via the internet.
+Ed Zaleski it may not be your job to remind me to dose up, but I like to understand easily when my medication is out of date. Now, if you'll let me return to my gut-spasms...

On a side note to your comment about "some people don't have devices", the date is stored in a much more abstract format, this is mostly about display. And poor people with no computers still need an easy way to understand the date when it is written down, if they ever want to arrange anything together. All civilizations have calendars, we just hope for some interoperability.

Mostly because I want to get my birthday presents in the right month :-p
Randall Munroe is wrong about this one. ISO 8601 specifically permits 20130227 as the other way to write dates.
In before UTC rant.
Yes to YYYY-MM-DD for logicalness. Yes, also to DD-MMM-YY for readableness. No, a thousand times no, to MM-DD-YY (and DD-MM-YY). I also like "yesterday" as in "that should have been done yesterday; never mind I'll do it tomorrow."

Mananas! Just look at them! (tip of the hat to Kevin Ayers and Daevid Allen)
Pleased to say I've been doing it this way for years. It's good for organising folders on my computer, too. 
+Mike Stevens at an old work place they named their archive folders in a DDMMYYYY format. They didn't realize how much more hassle it made finding anything! 
Crazy pills were where I usually take my morning Ritalin. Bygones.
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