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This is our first Adobe Edge post. Looking forward to connecting with all you here.
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I would love to hear any plans for Linux support! I'm keeping a very close eye on Edge development.
Keep us up to date. Hoping for more info.
I can't download 4 preview, site unavailable :( do you guys have a mirror link?
That's true nothing new about it?
Sorry wrong word.  But $499 is ridiculously overpriced.
Oh I guess its but I have adobe cloud for 29.99 per month and it comes with Adobe Edge.
Adobe Edge Animate (that's the official release name of the app) is actually free for now, all you have to do is register an Adobe ID account (free evaluation for 30 days), download and install Edge Animate and voila, use it as you wish...
connecting with us all here means posting more than once a year...just sayin. 
So, when is Edge Reflow coming out?? Can I get a Beta of this?
Just wanted to let you know, This is probably one of my favorite adobe products now, right next to Illustrator  and Photoshop. I would gladly have children with this program - in a way I am since I'm making awesome animations with it.

I just discovered your tutorial on making your application scale.

You guys = the bees knees.

I will say that $500 is pricey though for your software, especially since you guys make your software out dated every year by releasing a new Creative Suite version. I'd be willing to pay that for Animate IF you guys made the updates to the edge apps free, or dramatically cheaper than your regular pricing model.
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