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Please be reminded that tomorrow May 23th at 18:30 Europe/Riga everyone is welcome to our webinar VANE geospatial platform introduction.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Openweathermap team ( is happy to welcome our new member.
Roman is working with a satellite image processing on server-side #VANE platform that is based on Hadoop, Spark frameworks. Mainly, he involved in data ingestion and satellite imagery processing pipelines development on Scala programming language.
Roman completed his master`s degree in Skoltech university with space data management specialization. During study he spent 1 year in EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) university. Previously, he worked in international online retail companies.
He has many interests in machine learning applying to satellite and UAV data and takes participation in Kaggle competitions in a free time.

Webinar: VANE Language API
Posted on 2017-May-18
Please, join our webinar on May 23.

Our specialist will tell about VANE geospatial platform and VANE language API - the concept of which is to unite all operations with remote sensing data into consistent queries, allowing developers to work with the data similar to other SQL-fashioned APIs they are familiar with.

After the webinar program, you can write your questions and get our consultation how to apply VANE capabilities and remote sensing data to your project or business. We appreciate your participation and feedback!

To apply for Webinar, please, follow the link:

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We present to your attention a first official Openweathermap bot for Telegram.

Bot supports the following commands to get weather:

type city name to get the current weather for the certain city
day (d) - get hourly forecast for current day
current (c) - get current weather for last city
type repeat at 10 am, for daily weather alerts at 10 a.m.

You can even talk to OpenweathRobot using natural language.
“weather in London in 2 days”
“Paris tomorrow”
“Moscow next week”
Try it yourself and be aware of weather.

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Create more weather maps with our basic example apps.
How to display icons of the current weather in cities using Leaflet library.

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We've prepared the interactive VANE introduction presentation to give you an idea of what can be done on the top of VANE platform. Get live examples of weather and satellite web apps and sample API calls in VANE language.

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VANE Platform gets Update with Planet Satellite Imagery Integration

We are happy to announce today that Openweathermap has partnered with Planet to provide access to current and archived Rapideye and PlanetScope satellite imagery in the VANE geospatial platform. Planet operates the world’s largest earth observation constellation of satellites and has the capacity to image the world’s landmass on a daily basis.

With this partnership, the VANE platform enables online processing and access to global high resolution imagery from Planet, further diversifying our Global Base Map product that currently offers publically available Sentinel and Landsat data.

Data from Planet will also provide OWM’s Agriculture IT developers and experts with access to higher resolution, more precise data about farmland boundaries. Manual mapping of farmland boundaries is a very time-consuming and we look forward to supplying our users with general farmland patterns, automatically extracted from the imagery, saving customers time and money.

We are excited about Planet’s commitment to make satellite data ubiquitous by supporting the developer community, and we look forward to providing our users and customers with more advanced tools and models powered by satellite big data.


Do you want to receive weather data in your language? We extended the list of supported languages for weather conditions.
Now in our API the following languages are available:

Arabic (ar); Czech (cz); Greek (el); Persian(Farsi) (fa); Galician (gl); Hungarian (hu); Japanese (ja); Korean (kr); Latvian (la); Lithuanian (lt); Macedonian (mk); Slovak (sk); Slovenian (sl); Vietnamese (vi).

We invite all our users to test translations for weather conditions in different languages. We will be happy to extend our language support according to your wishes. If you have any questions or suggestions - please send them to The specification for all weather conditions in English is available here:

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We added new version of rendering styles for Weathermap API.

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Please be reminded that tomorrow April 19th at 10.05 UTM everyone is welcome to our webinar VANE geospatial platform introduction.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
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