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Smashing Android UI
Smashing Android UI by Juhani Lehtimäki
Smashing Android UI by Juhani Lehtimäki

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Smashing Android UI is in discount in Amazon UK for only now £17.91!

Still not convinced? Maybe this review from Amazon UK can convince you to get a copy? ;)

"As an Android developer, I am really glad someone has finally got around to writing a book to cover all the different elements that make up an Android interface. The book is not a short overview, but an in depth review of the graphical component choices necessary to ensure your application presents the most responsive and elegant interface to the user. I have not previously bought a smashing magazine or book, but on the evidence of this it will be something I will strongly consider in future. The book is dripping with excellent user interface examples and uses QR codes to link to example applications which can be downloaded via the Google Play store.

Having published a couple of applications over the last six months I will be concentrating my efforts on reworking these titles based on the knowledge gained in this book. You should note this is not strictly a programming book (a couple of code snippets are provided), it is a user interface design book and therefore has very little code inside. What it does have is a detailed explanations of why certain actions should be performed in a particular way and order. The design patterns highlighted are not ground breaking, but they do show how little changes can make a massive difference both to the user experience and also activity management within your application. My personal take on one particular example was that I had written too much code trying to get a user to perform a particular action when replacing it with one graphical component removed the entire issue - how cool is that!

The book itself is drop dead gorgeous and the page design is one of the best I have seen. It is literally like reading a sumptuous colour magazine. I highly recommend this book and would say it is an essential purchase for anyone developing user interfaces for the android ecosystem."

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A very nice review of my book:

"Smashing Android UI OMG! Yes, OMG! I just love this book. I wasn’t aware of it, until I saw it while I was at Droidcon UK and reading it has made me a way better Android developer and even more than that… a way better application designer. The first chapters dive into what’s make an application great and how to think in terms of User Centric Design. Once you have read that, you already start feeling  different, you just start caring about things you have never cared about before when designing an application. Right after, it goes into explaining Android to the readers who are not familiar with it and then it explains how to execute any design requirement using Android. Worth a very serious read even if you think you think you already know Android enough. Trust me, this book will fill the just 5% gaps that you need to go from good to awesome."

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Want to win a free copy of the Smashing Android UI? Here's your chance. Check out this blog post for details!

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I have some good news about the Google Play version of the book. The publisher has informed me that they have fixed an issue in the uploaded datafile and they're now using an epub version of the book. This will fix the "scanned pages" issue and make the book a real ebook instead. They have already pushed the update to Google Play but for the update to reach readers will probably take a bit more time (I don't see the new version yet).

I hope all the US orders have now shipped and arrived. Don't forget leave an honest opinion of the book in the Amazon review section! Feedback is always very welcome.

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Smashing Android UI print version will be in stock at Amazon US this Sunday -  October 14! They also have a good discount in the price now - $23.73.

Here's a quick update about the print version availability.

The book is now in stock in the US. Amazon should be receiving the books from the publisher stock very soon and will start shipping orders hopefully in the very near future.

In Europe the book is not yet in stock. According to the publisher it will take 4-6 weeks for the book to reach Europe / UK.

For eBook related questions I'm still waiting to get answers to my questions from the publisher and I'll post them here as soon I receive them.

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I pushed an update to the companion app (available in an hour or so) that fixes crashes happening on some 2.3 devices. Please keep pressing that "report" button if you see it crashing. Thanks to everyone who reported the issue!

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The Smashing Android UI book has a companion app available on the Google Play for free. This app is an experiment I wanted to do. The book has QR codes next to each example. The reader can scan the code using any QR code scanning app and the companion app will automatically open the corresponding example.

There are parts of Android that are very difficult to explain with words and static pictures only. For example, understanding the back stack functionality including the flags you might want to experiment with it a bit. Simply scan the code next to the chapter about back stack and you'll have an example in front of you.

Another bit that really needs hands on experimenting to understand the details is animations. I've created examples that allow the reader to try out different interpolators and animation.

Another use for the app is for designers who want to see how things work. I've examples of multiple different components as well as ways of drawing tiling, transformations etc.

I believe that having the explanation (book), functional example (the app) as well as the full source (DL from github) available will help readers to understand the concepts musch better.

I'd really like to hear what you think abou this? Is this something tech books should adopt more widely?

The app is now updated to version 1.1 which contains all the examples and should be more stable than the first version. It still has some issues nad I'm working on getting them polished out. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you encounter some irregularities.

You can download the app from Google Play even if you haven't yet purchased the book. You can browse and experiment with all of it content anyways:

The source code is also now available from github:
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