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Digital Public History Narratives with Photographs
This post is a slightly different version of   Digital Public History narratives with Photographs . In: Public History Weekly 3 (2015) 31, DOI: . (German and French versions also available in PHW). Social Media are “a grou...
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Digital Public History sessions at the XXII International Congress of Historical Sciences (ICHS-CISH)
Academic Historians promoted a Historic1st
international reflection on the  Digital Turn in History  during The
XXII International Congress of Historical Sciences organized by the  International
Committee for Historical Sciences – Comité International des S...
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Published this morning about how to build forms of history narratives using photographs, comments are very welcome on this international #publichistory  Multilingual Blogjournal for history and civics education, Public History Weekly published De Gruyter at the University of Basel in Switzerland.
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Italy’s first Master’s Degree in Public History starts in September 2015
(See Italian version below) The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Department of Language and Cultural Studies, launches Italy's first Master's degree in Public History, beginning with the 2015/2016 academic year. The master is a   2 nd  level Master's...
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Définir le champ de l’Histoire Publique Numérique, un atelier à THATCamp Paris 2015
Un atelier proposé pour THATCamp Paris a été voté par les participants à la "unconference" et s'est donc tenu le mercredi 10 Juin 2015 à 9 heures du matin. J’avais proposé en mon nom et au nom de Mark Tebeau l'atelier que Frédéric Clavert, un des organisa...
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Universidad de los Andes

IFPH-FIPH 3rd Annual Conference, Bogotá, Colombia, July 7-8-9, 2016

Call for Papers for #IFPH2016

Deadline for Proposals: October 19, 2015

History is a public issue. Historical knowledge and practice is not limited to academic settings.  History is also produced and shared in a wide range of settings by professional and non-professional historians alike.  Museums and other exhibiting places, films and documentaries, historical novels, anniversaries and commemorations, re-enactments and living history, public policies, transitional justice commissions, television, radio, websites, and social media, are some of the venues in which history comes alive. All these settings stimulate interaction and collaboration with large audiences, turning historians into public historians.

The third international annual conference of the International Federation on Public History (IFPH) will be held at the  Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia from July 7th to July 9th 2016. Its goal is to open up a space to give visibility and to share the innovative practices and skills that public historians around the world creatively use in their daily practice. History is increasingly produced through collaborative projects that are used for different political, economic, and cultural purposes, often defining collective identities along the way. Furthermore, public history explores, challenges, and discusses the historians’ role and has recently attracted global attention. In this sense, the Conference also provides room to discuss the scope, aims, and challenges, among other critical issues raised by public history and history as a general field.

Created in 2011, the IFPH aims at building an international and multi-lingual community of practitioners. IFPH role is to foster the development of Public History worldwide creating and coordinating networks, promoting teaching, research and all kind of activities engaging the public with the past, history and individual and collective memories.

The IFPH international conference in Bogotá will bring together practitioners, experts and activists from all over the world to discuss and share their experiences in the many challenges and rewards involved in engaging with the public to diffuse historical knowledge.  The conference will not be limited to a specific theme but, on the contrary, will engage with the very different public history activities. So, proposals may present examples of historians’ engagement with communities through different media, building different forms of narratives and looking at different public uses of the past.

Possible practices and topics may include:

Museums and Exhibiting the Past
Oral History and Community Projects
Digital Public History
Digital Media, the Internet and Participatory Knowledge
Mapping and Visual Representations of the Past
Moving Images and documentaries
Historical Fiction
Re-enactments and Living History
Historic Preservation and Community Cultural Heritage
Public Archaeology
Social Media, Mobile App and User-Generated Contents
Public Policies and Applied History
Teaching Public History
Who are the Public Historians in Latin America?
How to foster Public History as a discipline in Latin America?
Difficult pasts interacting with the present: Historians and Social Justice, Human Rights, Truth Commissions and Transitional Justice.
Presentations in English or in Spanish will be accepted during the conference, but all proposals must be written in English.  English is strongly suggested as the primary language for presentations.

Both individual papers and session proposals (90 minutes each) are welcome. Session proposals should include a general abstract for the session as well as abstracts for all individual papers.

Deadline for all proposals is October 19, 2015.

Poster sessions will also take place in Bogota with a different call and deadline.

Please send your proposal of no more than 150 words, as well as any questions or inquiries, to the following email:
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Digital public history: bringing the public back in
This post is a slightly different version of "Digital public history: bringing the public back in." In:  Public History Weekly  3 (2015) 13, DOI: . (German and French translations also available in PHW). Digital History ha...
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A First Master in "Histoire Publique" at Paris Est Créteil will start in September 2015
Promoted by  Catherine Brice , contemporary history professor  interested in cultural studies and material culture Brice is well known for her work on 19th century Italy, a first French Master in Public history will be launched for the academic year 2015-...
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"The Americans": Spy Story? Dramma Coniugale? Public History della Guerra Fredda?
The Americans , [1]  serie TV (35 episodi, tre serie), 2013-2015, produzione FOX  (Fox 21 Television Studios e download possibile da diverse fonti, anche in un blog italiano ( The Lord of Streaming ) come sul sito di  Eurostreaming.t v ).  [2]   < http://ww...
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