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Women hold a great ability to help heal the world, and for that to happen we need to heal ourselves and connect to our inner power.

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Womb Healing, a mechanism to awaken the inner woman within yourself

Date & Time: Saturday, December 7, 2013 (1000 - 1200 hrs)

Venue: SoulBliss, Vesterbrogade 20A, 1st floor, 1620, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Balancing the womb is about understanding the magic and power that lies within the womb”

The womb is the center of a woman’s power, creativity and life force. The womb energetically holds the space of the life force. A woman’s emotions, impressions and energetic chords are carried in the womb and her emotional, spiritual, and physical health is directly connected to how clean energetically her womb is. However, the modern woman is increasingly disconnected from her own womb, whose gateway is through her Yoni (vagina).

Womb healing helps you:

• Establishing connection with yourself
• Overcoming negative sexual experiences & abuses
• Harmonizing physical and emotional health
• Expanding spiritual understanding and incorporating positive energy

At SoulBliss we offer personalized womb healing sessions to women. These sessions uses centuries old esoteric healing techniques such as sensual massage, energy healing, sound healing, meditation, and interactive counseling. For details see:

Who can participate?
We welcome woman from all walks of life for an introductory lecture that unfolds benefits and processes of womb healing. The session will be 2 hrs long - during which all questions related to womb healing will be answered by Yogi and Majbrit. The session will not include any practical work and it will be conducted in English.

Sign-up and fees:

Sign up can be done by registering online at or by phone +45 5337 7882 or email

Fees: DKK 150 (per person)
Special Offer: DKK 250 (per person) If you are attending both Womb Healing and Art of Slow Sex talks on the same day.

Payment can be made in cash or through bank transfer (see details below). We do not accept credit cards.

Sign-ups will be confirmed on first-come-first basis payment of fees. Group size is kept small, so that we can answer your questions and doubts at liesure.

You will be registered for the event once the payment is made.

Nordea reg. 2376, account 7557 221 047

SWIFT: NDEADKKK IBAN: DK9020007557221047

SoulBliss: SoulBliss is located very close to the central train station in the centre of the city.

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SoulBliss Workshop: Art of Slow Sex

Dates & Time:August 31, 2013 (10.00 am – 5.00 pm)

SoulBliss, Vesterbrogade 20A, 1st fl., 1620 Copenhagen, Denmark.

DKK 500 (per person)

Sexuality is at the very core of our being. It is one of our most basic physical needs as well as a unique path to the divine. However, in today’s fast and materialistic world, lovemaking or sexual encounters are becoming a short–lived phenomenon. As a result lovemaking is often filled with all kinds of tensions and stresses. For men, these issues could be performance pressures, erection issues, and premature ejaculation. At the same time, women face issues around lack of orgasm, loss of interest in sex, insecurity in their femininity.
Slow sex is the answer to overcome these issues, and to make lovemaking a sustainable, enriching and divine experience. Learning the art of slow sex is tremendously beneficial to make a relationship holistic, spiritual and fulfilling. SoulBliss welcomes you to a daylong workshop on ’Art of Slow Sex’ together with your lover, or intimate partner.
What will you learn?
If you wish to enhance intimacy, strengthen your relationship and make lovemaking a fulfilling, sustainable and divine experience, this workshop is for you. We will share various facets of slow sex with you, including topics like
• Benefits of slow sex
• Art of slow sex
• Relaxation and awareness during lovemaking
• Attaining harmonious rythms during lovemaking
• Good positions for ’Slow Sex’
• Art of sensual touch, embracing your lover in your heart
• Pleasuring yourself and your lover
• Sexual continence
• Making sex a sacred experience
• Practical exercies for:
• Relaxation
• Breathing
• Enhancing intimacy
• Beginning your slow sex practice
There will be no explicit sexual activities. All exercises are done fully dressed.

Who can participate?
The workshop is for all. However, to get the maximum benefit and to be able to participate fully in the practical exercises, it is recommended that you join with your lover or friend with whom you can be intimate, as we can otherwise not guarantee that a partner is available for you.
Refreshments such as fruits, tea and water will be provided during the breaks. Please bring your own lunch. Please come in comfortable clothes suitable for exercises.

Fees and payment terms:
DKK 500, – (per person); to be paid through bank transfer upon sign up. If you change your mind and cancel later than Friday august 23rd, there will be no refund. Remember to put your name on the transfer.
Nordea reg. 2376, account 7557 221 047
SWIFT: NDEADKKK IBAN: DK9020007557221047
You will be registered for the workshop once the payment is made. Sign–ups will be confirmed on first–come–first basis payment of fees. Group size is kept small, so that we can give personal attention to everyone.
No reason to wait, sign–up today!

Sign up can be done by phone +45 5337 7882 or email to by providing following details:
(a) names and (b) contact details (mobile/email)
or click here to register

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oulBliss FREE Open House: The Art of Sensual Touch

Dates & Time:
Sunday, 7th April 2013 (1000-12.00 am) – doors open at 10.00 am.

We will offer fruit, sweets and tea/water.

SoulBliss, Vesterbrogade 20A, 1st fl, 1620 Copenhagen, Denmark. Tel +45 5337 7882.

Are you longing for more love in your life? Are you longing to feel more loved, to feel that you can love and express your love more easily? At SoulBliss we know that love is something we all need, even though it is a basic need, which is often neglected. We know that love is essential for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth of mankind.
The ‘art of sensual touch’ is a fantastic way of receiving and giving pleasure and through such a pleasure, experience love. In fact, sensuality is the basic instinct of human beings, and it comes from within. Your sensual body is an eternal wellspring of pleasure and love. By learning about the art of sensual touch you can make a small investment and get huge returns.
During this open house session we will share with you:
• Why sensual touch is important
• Benefits of sensual touch
• Tips for self-pleasuring
• Tantra massage & its benefits
• Enhancing intimacy through tantra massage
The Art of Sensual Touch is a mini-workshop, as part of our open house and it starts at 10.45 am on 7th April. In the workshop we will also guide you through a short practical exercise, to make you more receptive/sensitive and to help you be present here and now (no nudity).
All, men as well as women, singles and couples, are welcome for the open house.
Participation is FREE, just bring an open mind and find out what SoulBliss and the Art of Sensual Touch can do for you.

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SoulBliss Retreat: Tantra Massage: Basic Module, May 18-19, 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

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