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For all the Ice Hunters / Ice Investigators who helped, here's our first announced discovery from the 2011 / 2012 New Horizons search effort: 2011 HM102, an L5 Neptune Trojan. Its the highest inclination Neptune Trojan known, and it is brighter than any other known L5 Trojan object in the solar system (Patroclus is the brightest L5 Jupiter Trojan, and it is slightly fainter than 2011 HM102).

77 Ice Hunters / Ice Investigators helped recover 2011 HM102. Given its estimated diameter of 90-180 km, and assuming it is roughly spherical, the surface area of 2011 HM102 per Citizen Scientist is at least that of the Hawaiian island of Lānaʻi.

See the video details on Vimeo for animation details.
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Nice work and proud to have been part of it !
Is it possible that C. Emmanuel is me ? For IceHunters discoveries, my first and last names had been swapped, just like here...
Hi Emmanuel! I've checked the unformatted names list, and it seems that is the case. We have submitted the list of names as it was to the MPC already, but I will update your name in the discovery paper when it comes back from the first round of peer review and before it is submitted to the arXiv. I've fixed your name in the Vimeo credits as well.

Also, if your name appears in future MPC submissions (we've got a big batch coming) I will make sure to correct the name order.
Apart from this one, 2004 LV31 and 2004 LW31, is there (or are there) other objects found by those projects and visible on the MPC ?
Not yet, but very soon. I have a bunch of objects ready to submit, and now that we've gotten the bugs worked out of our system by submitting 2011 HM102 we will start to go ahead with the others. The last thing to do is tag each object with all of the names of those people that detected it, and as I get names sent to me by the people who manage the user database I will be submitting the other KBOs.
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